4 year reflection

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Its a great virtuous circle of self-confidence boosting how you carry yourself, which the world around you cannot help but respond positively too. Which in turn reinforces your self-confidence.


I am still amazed that characters as robust, busy and educated as Northpole benefit so profoundly from the treatment. And find time to come back here regularly to share and support.  I mean, there must be a certain inner strength that comes with three masters degrees.


Thanks for the review Northpole, been a great 4 years by the sound of it.


All the best.



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Hey North. Good to see you're still enjoying the SMP. It is a game changer for sure. Looks definitely matter ALOT...not only for your own personal confidence, but for how other people perceive you and treat you as well. This treatment does an excellent job at mimicking one of the most important features on a guy - a full head of hair. You're yet another prime example of SMP being a life-improving treatment.

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Hey gents,


Thanks so much for the support and kind words.  All the successes in the world mean nothing if you can't spread the joy.  


There is an old quote that I remember I heard a while ago: Pain shared is pain divided. Victory shared is victory multiplied.


This forum allows us to do both of these and it is great. 




Lt. Col Kojak Slaphead, what can I say, I'm a sexy mofo lol.  Its great to hear that you used my treatment as an example but I owe that to (practitioner named, deleted) who totally killed my treatment to make me the sexy beast that I am now lol


I'll upload some pictures within the next day or so. 

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