My experience with SMP and diffuse thinning

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I'm putting up this topic in the hope it will be helpful to a few others out there.

I think SMP is still highly underrated as a technique for men with diffuse thinning who don't want to shave down. The vast majority of topics and photos here understandably cover men with shaved heads. But if you still have a reasonable amount of hair, SMP is also a great addition and/or alternative to concealers like Dermmatch or Toppik.


My situation is I've been using concealers for over a decade now. They give me a good result, and while they do take up to 10 minutes to apply properly, it's simply part of my morning routine. I keep my hair @ 3" on top, @ 1.5" sides and back.


My main reason for doing SMP was actually more about the sides and back than the top. Once your hair has thinned to a certain point, even SMP can't create the same sort of density illusion that concealers can. But I don't use concealers on the sides and back, and those areas are thin for me as well. I've done one FUE transplant to bolster my hairline, but I can't do nearly enough to fill out my entire top because I don't have enough donor hair.

So while I was pretty happy with my overall look, the problem was as soon as I'd get sweaty from exercise, or took a nap and got some bed head, etc., my hair on the sides/back could look thin while the top would still look fine.

So I've had SMP over my entire scalp and am very happy with the result. The outcome:


  • The sides and back look much thicker. The difference isn't too obvious immediately after a shower, but it is later in the day after a work out, etc.
  • SMP on top makes applying concealer easier. Like I said, I knew SMP wouldn't be enough to scrap concealer entirely given the look I want. But it makes application faster and easier because the concealer doesn't have to be applied as methodically.
  • On the rare days when I don't apply concealer (e.g. a day for swimming in the ocean), the top does of course look better than before SMP.
  • Hairline is improved with SMP. If you use Dermmatch, you know the hairline is the trickiest part. With SMP, I can stop Dermmatch 1/8" right before the hairline. The dots combine with my existing hair to create a good shadow/transition area.
  • My opinion is the odds of a good SMP result are considerably greater with diffuse hair than with a shaved head. The dots simply aren't as obvious. It creates that density illusion, but the individual dots aren't visible unless you push the hair aside.


Jonathan G. did the work in NYC. I see he's mentioned a lot here, so I'll just add my voice to the consensus. He's very professional, you can tell he cares about doing excellent work, and he's someone you can trust to guide your aesthetic decisions. His own SMP looks great too, so that should add to your confidence. I can't recommend him enough.

Good luck to everyone.


* I know everyone prefers to see photos, but  I'm not planning to put any up. In any event, my after photos mostly look like 'a guy with hair'. I don't have good pix that show a clear before-and-after case.  To really see what I'm talking about, I'd have needed some before shots under harsh lighting with wet hair.


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I've seen some of the, shall we say less established SMP providers, push the idea of using SMP to "thicken" longer hair. HIS don't seem to feature it, there was one case study with a guy with a kind of mohawk cut tho.

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There is a case for using SMP to help in these situations. But there is a window of opportunity, early in the process. A period where the hair is not so thin that it undermines the overall effect, you would probably need to rely on a trusted close friend or partner to tell you the point at which you need to reach for the clippers and go the whole hog. At that point you may need to return for an additional session or two to complete the look.

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