2 days after second session

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Great post! When you said it doesn't look that great from 8 inches away, what did you mean? Are the dogs a little bigger then the hair follicle? Or the harsh lighting make its kind of disappear?


I meant when you are under harsh bathroom mirrors from 8 inches away. It looks pretty damn good from 8 inches away after about a week under normal lighting. At least my girlfriend -- who would not BS about something like that -- says so. And yes, it's not hard to find some combination of angle and reflectivity to make the treatment look like it goes away if you are staring at it and moving around under lights. But you have to resist doing that. I'm trying my best to not do those things. I'm one week after my second tretment, and it's still very light. I still have a heavy horseshoe outline on the back of my head. I was quoted for three sessions, so that's what I must mentally adapt to as far as my expectations. I was hoping to attend a wedding hatless 2.5 weeks after my second session, but it's not ready for prime time. I still just look like a bald guy.

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