My SMP Experience, Toronto Clinic

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I just wanted to write up a quick post on my experience at the Toronto Clinic with practitioners Dave and Kyle and share some pics. I'm not familiar with the Norwood scale but I was well on my way to being bald before I decided to get the treatment. One day after looking in the mirror too long I began desperately searching the internet for a miracle cure and stumbled upon the HIS website.  I admit at first the idea of SMP in the scalp sounded like a really bad idea.  I kept coming back to the website to watch the videos and read the forum and I became almost convinced. I wanted to see someone in person before I committed to it and I was able to see someone at the Toronto Clinic for a free consult.  Seeing it in person is what convinced me to take the SMP journey.  It looks just as good in person as in the videos and pics on the HIS website.  


I booked my treatment in Toronto and went through all the negative thoughts and worries as many of you have expressed in your posts leading up to the treatment date.  I was very nervous on the day of the first treatment but when I came into the Toronto Clinic I met practitioners Dave and Kyle and they were great, the treatment went very smoothly, the pain was not bad, they were fun to talk to and very professional.  Both Dave and Kyle had the treatment themselves and know what its like.  It looks great on them so that further helped me to realize I had nothing to worry about.  


After the  treatment the dots are large, it is also very dark. I knew this going in but was still scared shit less when I looked in the mirror.  and just like it says on the website the dots shrink and the color fades and becomes natural.  It takes about 3 weeks in my opinion to fully settle in but I was comfortable enough with how it looked 5 days after my treatment to go out without a hat on.  The first 4 days after the treatment it still looks too dark and dots are still to large in my opinion to look natural just yet.


 I had my second treatment about a week later and thats when I really became happy with how it looked.  Dave and Kyle are really amazing at their craft, it looks so good and I'm really happy with it.  I didn't go back to work until 5 days after my second session and I was really nervous because to me it was a huge change. I looked like I had a full head of hair and to me it made all the difference in the world. I felt great about it but was nervous about what people would say for some reason, even though I told myself I wouldn't care.   What I found amazing was no one said a thing or even noticed.  No one at work , no one in my family, none of my friends, I thought it was crazy.  I was still paranoid and found myself going into the bathroom to look in the mirror a lot to make sure it looks natural and every time I did I loved what I saw and said there is no way anyone could think anything is strange or unnatural about it.  

I have booked a third session just to get a little more density but I'm amazed at how good it looks after just two treatments.  


That wasn't short was it ? sorry,,, Anyway I wanted to write up my experience to thank Dave and Kyle and to encourage anyone on here who is on the fence to go for it.  I love it and I'm glad I did.  Here are some pics.. These are all a month after treatment 2 in different lighting.






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Thank you all. I'm sorry I logged on the one time to post and haven't logged on since. I honestly do not have any before pics. I was the type that avoids pics unless wearing a hat. I did end up going in for a 3rd session. I'll post another pic once it settles in. Its only been two days. The practitioner in Toronto at this time is Jack from the UK. He is a nice guy. I do think it is strange that Dave and Kyle quit but obviously I don't know what went on. Jack will only be there for a little while.

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