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Hey Guys.  First post for me.....  Went for a consultation with Graig,  awesome guy very thorough and also had the chance to talk to Jonathon when I first got there, another good dude.  Didn't anticipate leaving a deposit and making my first appointment, but with the way they spoke and the way they looked it was kind of a no brainer.  A few days prior to my consulation I sent HIS a picture of me and they sent me back a before and after pic of what I would look like and I was blown away.  The guys at HIS said they can probably get it to like 99% percent of what the pic looked like but I'm well, skeptical.  I'm also a realist and know that it was probably photoshopped but what are you're thoughts ?  My biggest concern is I'm sure is the biggest thing everyone else is concerned about is " the hairline ".  I saw some pics on the forums of a couple of guys where I was like DAMN!!!! That's what I want.  I haven't slept just thinking about this.  For the record I'm about to turn 44 and embraced my shaved head about 15 years ago thanks to my wife. I thinned in the front but have alot of hair in the back, but I can't imagine myself with a hairline again.  Always felt like I was the guy when we walked into a room people thought "  what's she doing with him ".  That is until I shaved my head and realized that all of a sudden I started to get more noticed and more compliments as I aged pretty well and was always in decent shape.  This procedure is personal,  my wife really doesn't want me to do it and it's a complete secret from everyone else,  but she understands how important it is to me.  Wish me luck !!!  going on vacay with the wife and kids......... First appt April 15th.  Thanks guys this forum is very informative and helped me alot in making desions.

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