Just had 2nd Session in Chicago

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Hey Guys, 


Just a quick story I wanted to share with you that wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for HIS.


I work in an office with about 100 guys and 40 girls.  There is one girl that works there that is considered the hottest one there.  And she is unbelievably hot.  So much so that I had even a hard time saying hi to her. If I showed you a picture you wouldn't believe it (I won't).  She's one of those hot chicks that makes you feel ugly just by looking at her.  


Anyway, I heard from a friend that she thought I was cute.  Long story short she spent the night at my place this weekend and this never would have happened without HIS.  She asked why I cut my hair at one point and told her I like to keep it short.  When we woke the next morning she was lying on me as the sun hit us in bed.  She was as close as you could get and never questioned it. 


BTW she's 19 and i'm 45.  I told her I was 36.



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