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pete nice

Anyone in Los Angeles area want some coffee

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Hi Guys,

newbie here,

I'm in the socal area,  san fernando valley to be precise but i'll drive anywhere

I'd really like to meet up w. someone who's had smp, just need to confirm what i've seen and found online.


i met w. the practitioner already, in santa monica
Sure,  I saw the practitioners head, buti dont think he did his own smp :-), and he didnt have HTs before

I just want to do proper research before jumping in, i didnt do that when i got  the  *&%$@  plugs 15 years ago, so now im a bit more cautious

Also I really would like to see someone who had scars done, coz' i have a few of those too.

I'd be glad to meet anywhere in socal, buy you lunch, dinner, drinks, lapdance, whatever


Thanks to all, best wishes

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