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I would like to first start by saying the past few months I've been looking into HIS hair, I've grown to love the idea. I think it's a perfect solution to someone dealing with hair loss. Like any other guy that started losing hair at a young age I started browsing the internet in search of a cure or at least something that would help. I've read through countless web pages, blogs, articles, and forums about hair loss. What I learned about many of these hair loss forums out there, they are full of negative people, putting themselves down, and showing mediocre results with their battle against hair loss. There are too many pictures of guys with pics displaying their half-assed minoxidil and finasteride results, and other guys who are hanging on to those remaining strands for dear life. It's a never ending story. What I absolutely love about this forum, is the fact that day in and day out there are new diaries of guys who've taken the plunge with SMP and they're getting absolutely phenomenal results. There are people that within just 2,3, or 4 good sessions their lives are changed. Hell I've seen plenty of cases that looked great after just one session. The point is, this company, these forum members, and clients of HIS are actually productive. They consecutively provide a great service that helps both clients and future clients be confident in knowing there is a solution to their problem. On top of the service they offer with the sessions, the very fact that they have a public forum to share results is just down right one of a kind. And on the very same forum they have moderators, such as Damien, who are real people and stop at nothing to help anyone with all questions and resolving each and every persons issues. Hats off to HIS Hair, from the employees to the clients!


I haven't had any SMP done, yet I can fully and highly recommend this company to anyone searching for an answer to their hair loss just based on research and results of this forum. A huge thanks to HIS and their clients, keep up the amazing work.


Thank you for your comments, much appreciated.


The most satisfied clients are those who have the opportunity to educate themselves about the procedure, before taking the plunge. Personally what I like about the forum the most is that the corporate message can be bypassed to a certain extent, and is replaced with the voices of real people, in real situations with real feelings. It brings the whole thing to life and I believe it enables people to make better, more informed decisions.


Plus the crowd here aint too bad either :)

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I agree with the above comments.  I was actually looking into booking with one of the competitors here in the U.S., but ultimately decided on booking my appointment with HIS because of all of the feedback listed here in the forum.  It is going to be a little more expensive and have to make a few extra flights to the location but any concers I had have been addressed.

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