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My SMP process

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Hi, I consider a SMP treatment on my bold head, also on my scars after a HT.


I am attaching some photos (before treatment) and hopefully you guys can convince me. I have been in touch with Gothenburg and set up a time in august 14.


My main concern is actually that I have to shave my head very short rest of my live, at least to make it look good. I think I look OK shaven but still, that is what I am thinking most about.


Also, how will it look in 10-20 years?


I am not so afraid of the quality of the treatment and if it hurts. Thats minor concerns.



Any thougts about this?









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Hi Oddgeir.


For me It came down to a single question..


- Will i be happy looking bald? I did not think I would, and went for it, luckily so.




Yeah you have to shave everyday, perhaps twice a day sometimes, but it is a minor concern, buy yourself a good tri fold razor and it takes 2 minutes every day.


Pain, 2-4 on a scale to 10.


Reseach the forums, His has THE best customer service, a guarentee after 3rd treatment, which means they will touch it up for free if need be, some need to.


I thought I looked awful shaved down, now I actually like myself. Its a process. But it will frame your head a lot, making the upper part looking less big, it does that for everyone :-)


Talk to Saman, he is very good advising, hairline, color etc. He also has a ton of pics. of other patients ( me among others ) which he has worked on, and his work is very good.


Should you do it?? Only you can decide :-)

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Hi, and thank you very much for your advice. As you said in the beginning "Will i be happy looking bald?" and the answer for that is the same for me as for you. Like what you say about framing the head, thats something I always wanted. Just a coupe of questions, is there any way back if you regret in the future? And does it look VERY strange if you let your hair grow 1-2-3 mm? Thank you very much for your answers.

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You can get it removed, with laser like a tattoo, and should be easier than a real tattoo :-)


Do not honestly think it will look strange on you, you have not much hair on the top right?? The sides are easy to blend in. I had only hairloss in The front so The top grows like crazy and have to shave diwn every day, with a little luck you can wait a couple 1-2 days, perhaps buzz down the sides Real Quick.


There is also different shades of color, Saman starts light and The next treatment adds density. After the fading of the first it looks like very light, but it is a real transformation..


But Saman is very informed, he has a ton of pics of former clients, a lot with almost the same hairloss as you. You can see the results when you arrive there, and no pressure from him either.


I went in with the same nervousness, Will it look good on me? I went for it after seeing pics :-)

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Hi Oddgeir. I just completed my first treatment yesterday with Sam in Gøteborg. I choose the Ljungberg look. Very satisfied so far and not so red on the top either. Sam is really professional and skilled - and it was relaxing and fun to get treated by him ! He will give you a great result, don't worry about that. I thought choosing the hairline would be very difficult, but after seeing lots of examples and photos its much easier to make up your mind. I also think your head is very suited for this kind of treatment.

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