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Couple of Q's , Moisturiser , Razors , Mattifier etc....

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Rite Lads , 

                  Got the treatment done in Birmingham just over two weeks ago now with ####. Extremely happy after session 2 and cant wait for session three to get the finishing touches . I have pics taken and will get cracking on my diary as soon as i can .



I have a couple of questions , some of which might possibly be answered already but anyway.....



1) At the first session #### shaved my head with a remington R91 , Which left my hair at what i thought looked like a grade 1. This was my desired length. I had used the brothers Braun in between the second session and it woz razor tight which is not what im going for. Session 2 last week again shaved with a R91 which same as session1  looked that bit darker.


- I ordered a new R91 got it an shaved my head last night and its a really tight shave ..... Have i lost my marbles or was there an older r91 that didn't shave as close ? can anyone recommend anything that leaves a little bit of length ?



2) Second Q' I wanted to use a shampoo that was non fragranced etc...  so i bought johnsons baby shampoo ...

Is this what many of you use or is there something better you would recommend ?



3) Following the aftercare steps i bought Nivea sun lotion to moisturise.... After reading the ingredients i see that it contains alcohol . Is this not a big no no for any form of a tattoo !!!



4) Last but not least ... Everyone seems to be keen on this rtr anti shine cream.... i haven't ordered anything yet so thosepost-285804-0-81376100-1405600075_thumb.jpgpost-285804-0-87501300-1405600135_thumb.jpgpost-285804-0-87501300-1405600135_thumb.jpg of ye with the no & experience ... can ye list the best 


a) Razor for a not so razor tight look... Grade 1 etc...


B) Shampoo 


c) Moisturizer


d) Mattifying Gel






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1. Either shave with the grain on the r91 or buy the phillips pq203.

2. Why use shampoo? You don't have any hair. Get a cleansing gel like Bulldog face wash,

3. Alcohol in those quantities will make little effect. But if you want to be super cautious, get Nivea for men sensitive moisturiser. No alcohol. No fragrance. No shit.

4. Peter Thomas Roth anti shine. Rimmel stay matte primer or clubman pinaud talc.


Treatment looks really good.

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You could give the whal balding clippers a bash, i used them at the start when i kept a little longer. Now I love to shave in the morning with the skull shaver. 

Try cosmetic lad from the company lush, #### recommended that to me and is a really good moisturiser. Head lube matte is great too, i used both. 

I am using the no7 matte make up base for anti shine at the mo but will try the rimmel stay matte primer next.  


Ur treatment looks ace :-)

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I think the R91 shaves less close the older it gets. Its only a cheap razor and the ones in our clinics get a lot of use. Shaving with the grain is one option, or the Balding Clippers may suit your needs quite well.


No need for shampoo, just get a decent exfoliating facewash. Dont use exfoliants for about a week after each session though. Long term, you just want something to keep your scalp clean and grease-free.


The alcohol content in sun lotion is so minimal, its pretty much irrelevant. Aftersun is best, or any light moisturiser. I like HeadLube Matte, but Cosmetic Lad from Lush is good too.


Mattifyers, try the Peter Thomas Roth stuff or buy flesh coloured Clubman Pinaud talc. Depending on how greasy your scalp is, you might not need a mattifyer.

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