Booked at Last - Can't Wait! FUE Mess to Get Sorted

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Alright pal,

Yeah I got called out a couple of times now unfortunately. I'm early 30's. The pics don't show up in the quoted post but going by the date I'm pretty sure I'd only had 2 sessions then. I'd had 4 by the time I got called out.

Fair enough bro. I won't overdo it, no matter how tempting :-)


I hope all the best for you man, I really do! You'll get back to the look you want.

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This is an amazing thread, and no offence intended to HBK but i think this is the thread which really highlights to everyone intending of getting SMP not to overdoo it. After your second session i think it looked absolutely brilliant and very natural but you went darker and darker which is when it started to look worse and worse.

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