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Shaving techniques for newbies

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There have been several threads regarding which is the best shaver to use. From what I can see there are 2 or 3 which seem to be front runners. I personally have been using the Remington R6150, but my question is not about which shaver is best.


I seem to in the minority here as pre smp I had never shaved my head. Over the past two weeks I've had 2 sessions and have shaved my head 3 times. Each time I shave I get very red marks on the sides of my head and all down the back. In addition, I find that particular areas of my head are harder to shave than others and the hair takes a lot longer to disappear. So my question is really about the techniques that people use when shaving their heads.


Being inexperienced in this area, I would love to hear what you guys do. Do you use the same shaver all over your head or do you combine different ones in different places? Do you moisturise pre shave, post shave or both? Do you wash your head pre/post shave? Do you have any tips for shaving the trickier areas? ...etc.





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Using the 6150 just do circles. Lots of circular motions on your head.

Shave dry then wash and moisturise afterwards.


Foil shaver is completely different, lots of straight lines instead.


With either shaver hold down your ears and drag shaver from neck area in a curve coming up and forwards in an arc to get the bits above your ears.


Shave with one hand constantly feeling with the other hand areas that don't yet feel that you've yet shaved smooth.

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You should write an erotic novel, Robby.

Hahaha :-)


I use a three-head Remington shaver too and I agree sides are more difficult to shave. I even noticed some very long forgotten hair there :-)

Regarding the redness, your skin will get used to the shaver. At first I was totally unable to shave my neck with the R91, now it makes no problem at all. Using several shavers makes it too complicated, better getting used to the same one for everywhere.

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