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Heartfelt Thanks to Brian and Matt of the Chicago Clinic.

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Well now I understand why some people drop off the face of the forums....they just get on with life! It's been a few months since Brian worked with me so patiently on the majority of my treatment including a crown that would not stick, getting my temples just right, and of course the hairline (with a little help from Mat as well). I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did. It's definitely a PROCESS and you really need to complete all your sessions and time for your treatment to settle before you can really appreciate what HIS has done. When I first started I was a little wary that I looked like a doll with plug hair dots...but after more sessions, dot shrinking and blending I can honestly say everything is about perfect as can be AND I feel secure knowing that HIS will address any issues I may have in the future should I fade or need a touch up.


Thanks again are the best,








Early Session Worries




3 Months Later in Daylight (3 day stubble probably too much..but you can see the follicle match is good)






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Just had a second look at your side profiles. They're actually quite angular, yet still very natural and frame your face perfectly. I dont know whether the shape was your suggestion or your practitioners idea, but kudos to whoever it was.


That hairline is awesome. Think I'll add yours to my list of favourites :)

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