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First treatment in sweden with Sam done.

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Hello everyone. Just wanna start by saying thank you to all people on this forum that write about the treatments and thoughts they had, its been really helpful in my progress.

Im a 25 year old swede ( please forgive my english) hows been loosing my hair from the age of 16/17, im a norvood 4/5. At first i tried to cover it up with more hair.. wich didnt work that well. When i was 17 i started with rogaine, wich was a motherfu@#er and didnt help either. So by the age of 18 my "hairbays" or templets was pretty high and big, and affected my looks wich was a big ballbreaker to my confidence. Before my hairloss i was more outgoing and more populare at the ladies front if you know what i mean. Its no fuc##ing joke to loose the hair at that age, especially when all friends have heads with full head of hairs. Well i started with the propecia and it stopped it but the side effects wasnt nice. So by the age of 21 i stopped eating it beacuse of fear to permanent impotens.

The hairloss continued and i was seeking other forms to hide my problem. Found toppik and i gotta give it to them, it worked pretty well when i had my hair short. But as my templets became bigger and bigger and my forehead started too become the fuc##ing wailing wall of jerusalem it became harder to keep the fasade of a hairline up. So this spring i stumbled over you guys, thought it was a way to extreeme method in the beginning but as i read the stories and saw the vids and cases i started to get convinced. And the luck smiled in my face when  i found out that HIS had opened here i Sweden. I contacted Sam and booked a consultation, went there and i have to say that every doubt i had about this procedure went away when i meet Sam!

Sam is genuine nice and honest guy and he didnt try to sell me this method like any other company. He told me i have to feel right about it beacause its a big desicion. He was very professional and had a good portion of humor too. He is a real access to the HIS comany.

So yesterday i went under the needle. It took about 3-4 hours and he went from the crown all the way to the new hairline. The pain was ok.. at some places i had to squeese the armrest pretty hard but most of the time it was just an annoying pain.

I decided the hairline with sam and we both agreed to have the soft broken hairline and thats was what i always wanted. Sam used colors 24 and 26. I was pretty red after as normal but i could se that i found that i was looking for. After the treatment i went to a cafe and went to the bathroom and took my hat of. I almost started crying because i felt that 7-8 years of battle was over and won. My hariline was back and it looked awesome. I just stared at it for 10 minutes and felt complete happyness.
I will se in the next days when the redness goes down how well the pigments blend in but i think it will be good. My GF and parents are the only one knowing of this and they thought it looked great, i cant wait to take the hat of and start use it in public!

I will try to upload some pictures on here later. Sam has the pictures on his cam and i gonna take them on a usb stick at the next treatment in 2 weeks. I will try to uploads some other pics from my phone in the next few days.

Dont waiste your time to try to conceal your hairloss, get this done and save yourself time and sorrow. I regret i didnt do this earlier in my life!

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