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Funny Head's Treatment

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Hey Guys,

I’m not much of talker but I felt I had to start this thread because folks and threads on this forum really helped me in deciding to have MHT done and it’s only right I do this. 

 I just had my second treatment a few days ago and I am 99% happy with the results. I had my first and second treatment a month apart in Paris. Although I was told I need 3 treatments, my first treatment stood up pretty well that I might just have had my finally treatment hopefully (that shit hurts :)).

I’m not gonna go into some going bald story, I’m pretty sure most of you are sick about hearing those by now, so I’ll just me posting some pictures.

Apologies for the camera, really sucks. 

First pics are pretreatment.



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After first treatment I was kinda happy, 60%, but now I'm pretty happy with the results. 99% happy. Issue with my first treatment was the lines along my hairline was darker and stood out more, but this has been fixed with the second treatment... so far that is.

Not much of a story teller :), but most people close to me know I have had this treatment and are pretty surprised by the procedure and the results, only positives, nothing negative. 

People I didn't tell just didn't notice anything, or they say something looks different about me but just don't know what, except for folks at work and my boss, straight forward Dutch folks, who said he'd never seen my hairline like that before and I told him I go to the barber now, rather than cut my hair myself like I use to, and he said It look really good and why didn't I do that before "We pay you more than enough, you can afford a barber can't you?" he said. haha, should have asked for a raise.

@Damien Haha, Yea kinda.

@Kojak Thanks

second session pictures coming up...

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@ Barachus, 

Thanks. For me I'd say 3 days, my gf thinks 4 days looks good too, but I shave every 3 days. I don't wet shave and using the Remington 91 seems to take forever to shave. I shave with a Wahl bald fader which shaves to 0,6mm. I guess if you shave closer you can go a day or two more. The last picture is 6 days after a shave, you can clearly see difference between MHT and hair.

Thanks, more like the girls, I was treated by 2 different female practitioners. But Ian did shape out the hair line, exactly where it use to be.

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