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About Me:

For those that don't know me my handle/name here is Tesla, I could use my
real name but there are about 3 people that I don't want to give ammo
to, quite sad really 3 people out of the whole English speaking
world, otherwise I would show my face and share my name.

I am 43 and started loosing my hair about when I was 18. I come from a
long line of baldies.

I have always been sensitive to people pointing out to me that I was
going bald, as if I just woke up that morning and a chunk of hair was
lying on the pillow. Some people are wankers like that. But that was
when I was a younger man.

used to see men who shaved their head back in the early Nineties,
they did stand out, if I shaved my head then I would have been called
a skin head (Skin 'ed), so I that was not an option like it is

Click these links to see large pictures:



Hair Transplant

When I was 20 I had a hair transplant. I was young and stupid, WHY???
It's hard for me as a 43 year old trying to understand why I had a
Hair Transplant when I was 20. I think most of the blame is me not
wanting to be like my father, he cut my hair off when he was drunk
and I was 13. He was an alcoholic. I guess I was angry and wanted to
distance myself from him, so if I had hair then I would not be like
him. Funny how that never turned the way it was supposed to. To cut a
long story short I got on with my father for the last 10 years before
he died 6 years ago. He went to his grave bald and I heard him say on
occasions that he wished they would bring out a cure.

After having the HT I rang the place up and asked if it could be reversed
and they said “no” I was gutted. What was I to do? I knew it was
a big mistake to mess with my head and to mess with nature (even
though nature sucks sometimes) I was too young they should have
turned me away but they wanted my money. Bastards!

I would have never gotten another HT. I never looked at it on the
internet. I never knew what to do about my scars at the back. They
were beginning to show because I have less hair to cover them.

Click these links to see large pictures:









I saw HIS on the frank Skinner show and then started to look on
the internet. The more I read about MHT the more I was interested. I
done it in secret without my wife knowing. My wife did not know that
I had a Hair Transplant (HT) she knew that I had scars at the back
but then most people have she thought. She did ask me a few years
back to shave my hair but I just said that I didn't like the look.

The more I was on the forum I knew that these people are Genuine,some are
happy, have had it done and are still giving to the forum, WOW I
thought. I had to tell my wife about this. So I sat her down and told
her that I had a secret that I have only told my brother and no one
else for the last 24 years (I'm nearly 44) She did think that I had a
love child and it was a welcome release when I told her about my H.T.
I showed her the website and she said go for it. Thank god (yeah ,I
know it's a small g) I thought, no more lying, well hiding. So
I went and had a consultation.

My consultation can be found here. I also had a patch test.


My Diary

My diary is intended to help people with doubts and even just to show
the full process involved. I have seen lots of Diaries on here and
one thing that I find frustrating: FOCUS, guys focus your cameras!
Yes it's hard to take a photo of yourself with your camera but some
of the photos are a waste of time they show nothing. So, as I know a
bit of photography I want to show this process in detail. I have a
Photobucket account where I shall place big pictures and also I shall
post pictures on the forum. I shall try and zoom in on some photos
but they will loose quality and also my wife doesn't know how to use
my camera which doesn't help, I need to take the macro photos but
this is extremely difficult by yourself.

~Any questions just ask!~

~Enjoy my Diary~







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I'm in for this!

EDIT: I laughed at your wife thinking you had a love child when you sat her down and showed her HIS Hair.

Does she anticipate your new look since she asked you to shave your head a few years ago?

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Thanks guys,


Thanks, Damon said that treating plugs are easier because it's just a small area per plug, in strip scars there is  a wide area which can be uneven and can be harder to cover. She likes the new look now.

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I'm not having a go at people with the bad pictures, I just think that they should look at their pictures first and say to themselves "is this picture in focus and can you see what you intend to show" If not then take another one, keep going until you get one.

The "IT WILL DO" attatude does not give people information who want to see poeple's progress. The people who post the blurry pictures want people to post replys and give their thoughts about how it's going, but when you can't see the pictures right - you can't comment.

I guess I'm saying "help yourselves" If you want to give a full account of your progress or just to help people that are thinking of having it done, then help yourself and just pay a bit more attention to your camera, that's all I'm saying people, I'm not an angry person, honest!

There are some good Diaries here.




Kalvin Klein

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Looking forward to following your progress ,its great there are 3 of you posting updates on treatments you have had this week ,that great for us to read and I keep going to my computer for updates . With it was me - good luck Telsa

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Hi Tesla

A great start to your diary which will help a ton of people on the forum. Hope your treatment went well and I look forward to seeing your updates. I have just updated my diary with new pictures. There not as good quality as yours, but they seem to have come out ok.

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Tesla , 

Ive regularly read your posts and you have PMd me a few  times also .
This diary and info is  brilliant  for people to see what you have done and it definitley helps people get a true perspective .
Hats off to you my friend 
Well Done 
Hope all goes well 


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First Treatment:

21 March 2012

My consultation has lead me here, I
live outside London, I turned up one hour early, I rang up to see if
I could go in but they said to have something to eat and turn up
about 15 mins early (damn those efficient trains....spit....LOL).

My Practitioner  greeted me and took me upstairs
to the HIS clinic. I did feel a bit of a fool sitting in the waiting
area with my hat on, but then again I'm in London who cares. We were
on our own in the office which made me feel better. He's a nice fella
Damon and made me feel at ease.

We signed a few forms, and then we're
off. We talked about what I wanted and what he could deliver. I was
left 100% informed about the procedure.


What I wanted:

A high high line that just covers the HT

A salt and pepper look if possible

A soft hair line, no defined lines

A 5 o'clock shadow look, not dark

and as light as possible 

To cover the scars as best as possible

I said that I'm not looking to recapture youth by having a full head of hair look, all I want is to

cover the scars and to give me a blading look , a receded look. This
is the look I think I can get away with. A look I can feel happy
with. My hair transplants were high, cover them and I will be happy.


The procedure:

Do a first treatment on my full head,
which is a base coat. He explained that it would look dotty because
he has to leave room for the next two sessions, remember this when
you see the pictures.

Work inside the back scars only, see
how they take the ink and then on the next session blend in.

We agreed on a hair line, and we agreed
a pigment, I wanted a light one so we are going for a 48 ink, he told
me that he would have to go darker at the back, we went with a 46 and
a 44 on the back. Because I have grey hair I have to go darker than my natural colour to cover the scars, shame, but they know best, I will leave it in their hands.



I don't want to scare anyone off by my
pictures and please remember that the dotty look is how it is
supposed to look after the first session. I have a further 2 sessions

These pictures were taken about 3 hours after treatment on the 21st March 2012.

Large Photos:







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