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  1. How’s my first session looking?

    Hi all, pretty new to this whole thing but decided to bite the bullet and get the treatment done a few days back now, my question... how is this looking for after a first session? Im not sure if these dots are to big or what... like I know my body is getting used to the ink/Inflammation etc but this seems off to me... or am I just being paranoid?
  2. First session smp

    Hi everyone. Not sure why im making this post to be honest but just feeling nervous about my first smp session i have on tuesday Today was the first day i washed out all of the concelar i had been using the last 3 years. I surpsingly had more hair than i thought Looking at the pictures below would anyone be able to offer any advice or thoughts about the type of hairline i should go for and what lenght i would be able to keep once i have had the procedure This is my first post about anything ever on the internet so sorry if i have not done it in the right place Thanks and have a good weekend
  3. Gents, it's been a long road. Without a doubt, we all know the struggles of hair loss and how it affects us; but good God I feel like a new man! Yesterday was my first session in New York. I will admit that I was nervous when I walked in for I did not know what to expect, but the entire experience worth it. Not only are they kick a$$ at what they do, they make you feel comfortable and we were laughing several times throughout the procedure. My hair started thinning at 18. I felt so robbed by life when this occurred. I used Rogaine and Propecia with little results; then I found Toppik. I started using Toppik at 22 and was able to pull off a full head of hair for years, but there in laid the problem; it wasn't permanent. Every time someone stood behind me I had to worry if they were going to rub my head and--literally--rub half my hair off. I could never jump into a pool or stand out in the rain for this exact reason. As my hair thinned out more and more, I knew something had to be done. That's when I found HIS. I cannot thank HIS enough for what they did for me. I did a lot of research before I went and found this vid. if anyone wants to check it out: Gents, I'm not afraid to admit it, I almost shed a tear this morning knowing that my chrome dome days are behind me (And this is only session 1). For anyone struggling like I did, for anyone out there who might be reading this and needs some reassurance, I cannot stress enough how great of a decision this was to go for. The pics you will see are from before the procedure, during the session, immediately after, and when I woke up today. My head was a little red during the session, but I saw a friend last night (7 hours post session) and she just thought I had a slight sun burn because the redness died down that much. Let me know what you guys think! (Again pics are before, during, immediately after, and this morning.)
  4. WOW! I can't believe I am finally posting after being SUCH a long time reader/researcher of SMP. I finally did smp yesterday. Before I get into that I think many will appreciate my story: I turn 17 and had such thick hair that it looked like I had a rug on my head, in fact you couldn't see my scalp even if my hair was parted. Except now at 17 I did. Towards the back left. Long story short, as one may assume my hair loss progressed, exponentially. Oh boy the things I did to cope: First - hair style change (no biggie) 2nd- went to hair club for men, lady asked me and my sister who is this for? She couldn't even tell I was thinning but my goal was to strap on this rug to my head prior to anyone noticing my hair loss and it worked, no one knew. Not even my high school girlfriend. When we got sexual she would try to grab my hair and I would act as if I had OCD and didn't want my hair style to mess up. I remember this one girl was obsessed with my hair and she always wanted to grab it when we got frisky and i would instinctively turn her down and she once yelled "I don't get why you won't let me touch your hair, it's not gold!!!" You're right Hun but it's not hair either I couldn't bare sleeping, showering, sex with this glued hairpiece on my head which the company insisted on calling a "system", for psychological reasons and social stigma attached to it, no pun intended. So it came off and I was well on my way to a third magic illusion of hiding mt. Baldy. 3rd- Hair fibers. Lord have mercy. I would sprinkle one third a bottle a day. I had a whole routine. Did it for a while until I would hit a pillow with a lady and bam my magic trick would be up. Hello embarrassment nice to meet you and your cousin shame. 4th- time to own up to mt. Baldy and shave it off. Hey I have a nice chiseled face, cheek bones, full lips, perfect eyebrows.. I can look like a model plus I am muscle toned, amazing body I could make vin diesel jealous. Call me Vin Premium Octane. Na, something was missing...aww ...brings me to the next magic trick 5th- Couvre cream. God bless the person that made this. 10 years straight I wore this stuff and my own family and girlfriends couldn't tell. This was a temp smp in a bottle. Geez Louise did I look good with this, so natural as If it was made for me. Norwood 6 and all I had on was some cream and I looked like a kid with a full head of hair. Everyone would tell me "you rock that buzz cut well" or worst thing would be "you have such a full head of hair, grow it out ". It wasn't the perfect solution because as you all probably know, everyone loves running their hands on the shaved heads hair. Also my pillows would take a beating from that cream. So even me David copper field had to stop playing magic. I did my smp treatment yesterday I had the most amazing guy do it for me at HIS By, Zang. I sit here and type this to you with a red head that seems like it has a heartbeat. I am eager and anxious to see the results as I know all to well the first session is just a tease of what's to come. My hairline seems a bit sharp however it is identical to what I would draw on with the cream which not one person could tell was fake. What are your thoughts? My face looks best with a somewhat triangular hairline and Zang agreed. Also, I was in a quite high pain level and discomfort during the treatment, people say to stay away from meds as they thin your blood and is bad for the treatment. Let me know your input. I feel like a brick was just taken off my shoulders by simply sharing my story with you all which I haven't shared with a single soul before. Cheers!
  5. Hello, I'll do my best to make this quick in the interest of everyone's time: My story is your average one. I am 27 years old, been losing hair since I was about 18, and it was mainly due to a combination of stress and bad genes (mother has 5 brothers 4 of which are completely bald & father is completely bald as well). I have gone through the standard phases of losing hair; 1) denial 2) depression 3) exploration of hair growth options 4) depression again (lol) 5) acceptance 6) exploration of hair replacement options 7) anxiety and ready to comitt to a decision. I am in stage 7. I have posted some pics below and would appreciate any general advice you may have for me. I booked my first session for August 31st and have a youtube interview for August 3rd. (You all will see me on the website soon!) So here are some general questions and concerns I have and I am hoping you will be kind enough to offer me words of support, advice, and experience: The pain levels seem to be much higher on the forum versus the website promotional videos, any advice with pain? Does it get better or worse with additional sessions? Anyone else have the procedure done or planning on getting it done in New York? And had Greg? I don't plan on shaving my head with a razor instead plan on buying a close crop machine buzzer...any advice here? Maintenance...I understand the need for constant hair cutting and sunblock in sun, but is there anything else that you can advise from a maintenance perspective? Long term...anyone have any long term inputs (having the procedure for more than 3 years)? I have heard of fading and touch ups in shorter timeframes than what was advertised? Ok that should be good to start I think - photo's attached below - thank you in advance for your time guys. Samir