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  1. clippers conundrum

    Hi, have spent quite a bit on shavers/clippers but haven't nailed it I want a buzzed, stubble look (have smp plus a little hair on top) but can't get it right .. not wanting a super short to the bone cut have tried Braun Series 7 foil shaver - cuts too short, to the bone, nearly like a wet shave with a blade i imagine Bald eagle shaver - again fair bit too short first 40 hours - by day 2 evening looks ok Wahl supertaper clippers - a little too long (0.8 mm - no guard - using the lever to adjust to shortest - can't get the side hair quiet short enough - it make me look bald on top (bald patch) and smp shows up what next? Have heard of Wahl balding clippers (cuts 0.4mm I think) - have heard it can injure if not use with care - wary of spending again any help appreciated - so basically a bald eagle end of day 2 - with stubble showing is what I need many thanks H
  2. Hey fellow SMP'rs I don't know if this is the right place to put this but when I got my SMP done at HIS, I purchased a Braun Series 7 for around 300$. I thought to myself if I am investing this much in this procedure, I might as well not skimp on the shaver. It has been a BRILLIANT shaver and leaves your skin feeling like you shaved against the grain with a razor, in terms of efficiency, without razor nicks and irritation. I recently just saw on amazon they are offering it for HALF the price, I am kicking myself in the head now because I could've saved a bunch. It is all good though, because now I can tell you guys about it ! Good luck!
  3. Hi lads, 25 year old guy here who is receding ALOT and getting light on top (see pics). I'm pretty much ready to take the plunge and get SMP (i'll shave the remaining hair right before it) but have 3 concerns to address first; - Shaving; Im hoping to use an electric shaver. Most of the forums recommend Braun Series 7 (which is pretty expensive). What do you guys use/recommend? I'm guessing i'll have to shave everyday. -Shine; Right now my forehead is pretty shiny so I can only assume my head will also be that shiny when i shave it. What do you guys use to reduce shine on the head? - People noticing you got SMP; I guess it's a two way street - I want people to notice that i'm no longer bald BUT i also don't want them to notice i ''tattoo'd'' my head. Friends that I have told about it have warned me against getting it done and saying it's ''too early'' to shave my head. Obviously I don't agree. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers