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  1. Is this laser legit?

    Yeah HIS have laser - Im pretty sure thats the branding they use. Lots of laser removal places do SMP though.
  2. Laser Removal Question

    As the SMP isn't as deep as normal tattoo laser is quite effective. It all depends how dark the treatment is but 2 or 3 sessions will fetch most of it off. If you just want the hair line removed it may leave you with 'laser blowout' which does look like a faint blotchy patch of pigment, however normally they can laser that as well. I had to have all of mine off and have some laser blow out but only I notice it. If you are looking to get it done you want to research the laser technician and the type of lasers they use - If you find a good one they will fetch it off within 2 sessions.
  3. Botched SMP by HIS

    Hi guys, I hope someone can help? Or can get someone from HIS to contact me. In short... I had treatment preformed by HIS however the pigment applied was far to dark for my skin tone, all clumped together and turned green. I contacted HIS who confirmed it needed to be lasered off. After having multiple laser treatments most of it is removed however there is still some light green areas on my head which i'm told cannot be removed from laser. I contacted HIS to get my money back, I spent thousands of pounds for a botched treatment which I had to have removed, not what I was expecting from HIS. I am now being ignored by the company who do not reply to emails or ever answer the phone. Can anyone recommend what to do? Thanks
  4. Laser Removal Question

    I left it 2 / 3 days - just be carful