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  1. First session smp

    What a dick move by Ryan. I saw the pics before you removed em. I would suggest staying close to your natural hairline if you want to keep it around 2-3mm long. I dont think you can go much longer than that with your hairloss IMO.
  2. Toronto clinic

    I dont think so. There is a practitioner that has been there for a while now and he says business is steady.
  3. Toronto clinic

    I did and I am very happy with the results. He did pretty much exactly what I wanted, the dots are very small and the hairline looks natural. I do not live in the GTA so I cannot meet up in person unfortunately.
  4. Celebrities And Smp

    Looks like Jamie Foxx has SMP too
  5. Good clippers / electric shavers?

    A #00000 will cut noticeably closer than a regular clipper. I like the Andis T- Outliner the best. The blade that comes with it cuts really close like a #00000 (a little longer than electric facial shavers) and it's pretty light.
  6. What about ongoing hair loss?

    Im in a similar situation as you. I recently got my SMP so I have not receded any more, but they did full coverage of the top of my head anyway, so I am not too worried about it.
  7. Celebrities And Smp

    I know this tread is really old but I think I found a popular singer with SMP. thoughts?
  8. Toronto clinic

    Mine is looking good after 2 sessions. I don't need to rush for a 3rd. The practitioner says my scalp holds pigment pretty well.
  9. Toronto clinic

    Yes, i do have a lot of hair left. I mostly wanted hairline work. I am hoping to be able to go 2-3 days between shaves because of my existing hair. I am also expecting a lot of fading. Luckily I can wear a hat. Good luck.
  10. Toronto clinic

    I just had my first session this morning in Toronto. Impressed with the results so far.