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  1. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    I hope it runs forever for you. Love the design of it! I will likely go Braun 9000 series or Panasonic Arc 5 given their long history of reliability. These things are just too expensive to break, and if they do, customer support should be top notch!
  2. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Nice, thanks for the update!
  3. Smp buzzcut

    Yes you will look good buzzed.
  4. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Did you ever get your Arc 5? I'm wondering what your opinion is so far. I'm deciding between it and the Braun 9000 series. I like the design of the pitbull, but I am reading too many reviews that suggest they break easily and customer service is not all that friendly!
  5. Faux scars, What's your opinion

    No doubt about that JCVD. I have found 2 practitioners that are excellent at both and am deciding between the two.
  6. Faux scars, What's your opinion

    Honestly I know many who have shaved their heads with a full head of hair. Not just military guys either. Personally I think it looks pretty cool!. I agree with making things naturally imperfect in appearance. Sharp dark edges aren't for me. I don't think I will thin the crown but the temples, I am 50, my temples shouldn't look like my 15 year old son's.
  7. Faux scars, What's your opinion

    I agree bald ego.
  8. Faux scars, What's your opinion

    Thanks PV. Your results are great. I guess I simply have to decide
  9. Faux scars, What's your opinion

    Hmm never thought of that. Good point!
  10. Faux scars, What's your opinion

    I did a search and found only a few comments/opinions on this. I am considering a fake scar to make things look even more realistic. In reality, I have zero scars on my head but wonder, what is everyone's opinion on this? Is it a good option, or a stupid idea!
  11. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    I saw that. Looks very intetesting. Will check out the platinum edition.
  12. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    I understand my friend. The braun offerings are consistently rated highest for comfort and near best for closeness. Certainly on the top of my list.
  13. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Yeah yeah I know, but every time I search I'm getting "error wait 3 seconds before searching again" so I decided to ask without a search result. Seems like everything online suggests panasonic arc5 or braun 9 series. Of course these recs are for shaving one's face, not their heads.
  14. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Thanks, no skimping on this one.