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  1. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Yeah i got it, its awesome! Wish I'd have got it first. It's almost as close as a wet shave and my head is done in a minute. I dont get any irritation too because I'm not going over the same areas again and again.
  2. Alex Beresford

    This guy is all over the hishair instagram. Seems he is real proud of his treatment, it looks pretty great.
  3. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    My tech recommended an expensive shaver PanasonicArc 5. I tried cutting costs and got a little cheap thing and it takes ages to cut so i just ordered the panasonic.
  4. Good luck! I had my first session yesterday in houston and im beyond happy. As said above listen to your technician. But also don't be afraid to voice your opinion. I took photos of treatments i like.
  5. Hairy Again

    Looks really good. I would leave the hairline, it look flawless. Just fill in a few bits.
  6. Really want to do this but...

    Also do you mean you wear a wig? That is better in my opinion as it just looks like you shaved your head rather than hair magically appearing (this is my main concern).
  7. Really want to do this but...

    One session would be ideal! But from what I have seen, the best clinics do this in a few sessions as that way they won't over do it with too many dots and they can get the color just right. I have my first session on tuesday and ill be glad to putall this hairloss crap behind me. Might be an idea to book a consultation. Real shame hishair dont have a clinic near you though.
  8. Is smp a good option for me?

    I think SMP is your only option. Mine too.
  9. Hairy Again

    I love that hairline. I never saw pictures taken mid treatment too which really helps. Please reply to my PM i also want it done in Houston after hearing good things about the treatments there. This looks better than any treatment i have seen after 2 sessions