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  1. Questions

    Seems like you're debating wether to choose SMP of transplant. Please note that I haven't gone through with SMP myself yet, but I have had a FUE transplant, and based on my experience I would highly recommend you to remove this as an option. Like you I like the minimalist side of things, and in my experience a HT is as far from it as possible. Also note that I have what most people would consider a 'successful' transplant. Unless you already have 'almost' a full head of hair, a transplant will look way to thin so you will have to maintain it with products like Toppik. This means that humid weather, caps, hoodies, people touching your hair, leaning against cushions, walls, swimming etc constantly will be on your mind since it will ruin the Toppik and expose your thinning hair. Getting a HT will increase the amount of time spent worrying about your hair, not decrease. This you will have to combine with hair styling products since each transplanted hair grows in a different direction. Moreover you can not expose your scalp to the sun for the first year, this turned out to be much more problematic than I expected, for instance, it's hard to wear a cap at social events such as parties, weddings etc. Not to mention the scarring left behind keeping you from having shorter than 5-7 mm buzz cut to cover it up. In short I cant help you with your questions, but I strongly suggest to at least limit your choices between embracing baldness and SMP. Hope this helps.
  2. Fue + smp

    Ser grymt ut! Vart satte du de transplanterade håren? Gjorde själv en FUE 3500 grafts, är lite orolig för att huden i det transplanterade området kommer se annorlunda ut så det blir uppenbart att min hårlinje är fixad, har du upplevt detta?