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  1. I agree that on a fair skinned person the smp will show noticeable redness for at least 1 to 2 days. The pigmentation is also noticeably darker especially after a high density session for at least a week and then gradually lightens up once the healing process begins.
  2. 3 session in 2 weeks?

    I would personally wait a month for the smp to settle before going for a third session. After two weeks I can still feel the tiny microscopic scabs on the top of my head that are slightly rough to the touch.
  3. Those concealer pictures are very impressive on how much it hid your hair loss and still looked fairly realistic. My only trick was to wear a baseball cap which was I essentially considered my $20 wig.
  4. Post first session - underwhelmed.

    The first session is to try and see how your head absorbs the pigmentation and dialing down a proper shade for the next session. Everyone's head absorbs the pigmentation differently. After my first session my smp was extremely light and looked awful so do not panic. It takes multiple sessions to finish and tweak this procedure.
  5. Is SMP visible in certain lights?

    Even with a shaved head the real hair on top can look invisible or lighter under direct sunlight. Smp can look lighter or even darker in natural light such as the sun or under artificial light such as florescent bulbs and say a 100 watt light light. Lighting definitely effects the look of a shaved head.
  6. SMP turning blue after some years

    Birmingham sounds like the best option for a His smp and I have always seen amazing results from them. I wish I could of had my smp done there but it is way to far to travel for me being from Canada. The Birmingham office is also always so nice and accommodating when I have had to make my appointments in Canada.
  7. Need feedback

    The smp practitioners in the UK are easily the best. I do not feel that just any practitioner can get flawless results with proper blending. Some practitioners just lay dots and others are artists when it comes to smp.
  8. Hair line is too dark.

    Your smp looks great. Congrats!
  9. I find that the layering of different pigment shades with multiple sessions is what gives the smp more realism and gives it a much more natural look. It took me multiple sessions to finally get the grey shade look which is what your real hair looks like when it is shaved to the skin. I am one session away from having a finished procedure that looks very natural in my opinion.
  10. Small pimples/ blisters?

    There is a lot of trauma on your head with each session and you have to give it a least a week to heal. My head always looks like a bumpy red mess in the first two days.
  11. Doesn't last

    They have bent over backwards to work with me on my SMP procedure. In my personal experience His is not happy until I am happy with my procedure.
  12. SMP Results

    Everyone takes the pigments differently and for me my crown absorbs the pigment much more aggressively than my frontal hairline. 3 sessions is never a guarantee to have finished results with proper blending and the perfect shade of pigmentation that is a perfect match to your real hair. Talk with your practitioner and go darker with the pigmentation until you are happy with your results.
  13. Toronto clinic

    I started losing my hair at an early age too so I know your pain. Having a good quality smp job makes me not even think about baldness and I am glad that I finally got off my ass and did something about it.
  14. Toronto clinic

    I am almost done with my procedure and it looks very natural at this point but just needs some minor tweaking and a slightly darker shade to bring it to the proper His quality finished result. His has worked with me every step of the way to make sure that I am happy with my results and communication has been great on their end. I know this is a procedure and everyone takes the pigment differently than others. The pain and process of this procedure is totally worth the end result and peace of mind it brings to people that suffer from hair loss.
  15. Toronto clinic

    The Toronto His Clinic is still open and operates under one practitioner. You definitely have to book in advance to get an appointment because they are busy being the only His Clinic in Canada at the moment.