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  1. Toronto His Clinic

    I do not reside in Toronto and had to travel in for my appointments and my smp is not currently finished. I definitely agree that the practitioner in Toronto needs some finished before and after pictures to show clients as part of his portfolio which would give potential clients the confidence to book their sessions. I will however say that the practitioner in Toronto is very nice and accommodating and His is working with me to achieve the finished look that I desire.
  2. Celebrities And Smp

    I am somewhat surprised that Vin Diesel and Jason Statham does not get this smp procedure. Vin Diesel has lost a lot of hair since Pitch Black and now has a horseshoe 5'o clock shadow on his head that can be seen under certain lighting.
  3. He got called out!

    I agree 100%. The practitioner should be able to assess the correct shade of pigmentation being used on their client to get the correct color of shade to match the clients existing hair to get a correct blend. If it is too dark or too light the incorrect shade was used by the practitioner.
  4. 3D effect density...

    If within the first three sessions the practitioner plays it really safe and goes with a very light looking shade of pigmentation this process will take even longer to finish and get a great result. With everyone having different skin tones and their real hair having different colors and density in my opinion it takes a really good practitioner with experience to figure this technique out for each individual client. By what appointment should an experienced practitioner be able to match your pigmentation shade to your actual hair to get a proper blend which is undetectable.
  5. He got called out!

    His practitioner went too dark with the pigmentation. It definitely looks painted on.
  6. What does an SMP head feel like?

    If a smp is done to a high standard it is pretty much undetectable. I have seen some of the video's on youtube on smp where a troll or assholes decide to make fun of the process and results even when the smp looks absolutely fantastic. Not everyone in life are assholes like this and rate people based on their looks. To get this procedure done it should always be done for yourself first of all and not to please others in my personal opinion. If it makes you happy f*ck what everyone else thinks about it!
  7. What does an SMP head feel like?

    It has come to the point where it is finally acceptable for men to do something about their hair loss whether it be a toupee or smp and not feel ashamed about it. Smp in my opinion is the the most practical solution as it can be easily maintained and you never have to worry about it. I personally hated looking in the mirror at a horseshoe on top of my head and I said enough is enough and finally committed to this solution.
  8. What does an SMP head feel like?

    From a fresh shave the sides and back of your head will feel like the top of your head if you are even a a norwood 7. You are never 100 % percent bald with zero hair on top of your head and always will have finer stubble that you can feel.
  9. Toronto clinic

    You look like a Norwood 2 to 3 prior to your smp and you will not need as much work to restore your hairline as you still have quite a bit of hair. Pictures of smp right after the treatment are always way darker than what they fade to and actually look like once healed within 10 days.
  10. Hair Piece to SMP

    Usually the dead giveaway on a toupee or hair system is when the temple area has receded considerably and the top looks way too perfect. Even John Travolta gets spotted with lace systems at the frontal hairline so unless you want a Beatles bowl cut it is noticeable from up close. In my honest opinion a toupee is basically a hair hat that is very high maintenance.
  11. Hair Piece to SMP

    I will post pictures after my 4th session heals. I am not a resident of the Toronto area and traveled to His for my appointments..
  12. Hairpiece to smp

    After 3 sessions of smp I personally still do not have a proper blend yet in the back of my head even when I am shaved right down to the skin. Currently waiting on a 4th session. After the first session they will cover the whole top of your head in smp from the hair line to your crown. It will be dark for approximately 5 days and then start to gradually fade to a lighter color as it heals depending on what shade of pigmentation that was being used. My first session took 3 hours but I assume that it varies from practitioner to practitioner. It is a process so do not expect it to look perfect after 1 or 2 sessions.
  13. Hair Piece to SMP

    I personally would never wear a hair system or toupee no matter how good it looked. To always be worried about it coming off or not looking right would drive somebody nuts and most of the time they can be spotted by women. I think that smp when done properly with a good practitioner is the best alternative and it looks very natural easily taking 10 years off your age. I will be stoked when my SMP is finally completed but it has been a stressful journey so far..
  14. Alex Beresford

    Pretty nice work. The UK must have all the best His Hair smp practitioners.
  15. Toronto clinic

    I will post pictures of my smp once I have my 4th session and it has healed. I am somewhat surprised hearing that the new practitioner could not supply you with finished pictures of his treatments as I assumed that he has been doing this procedure for at least a year at His. Travel costs and hotel accommodations on 3 to 4 treatments is another factor that can add up rather quickly.