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  1. Toronto Clinic SMP scar

    Hey guys, Some pics of before and after my 3rd session. The fading was more than expected after session 2 so we dropped down to a 3 shade for the scar.
  2. Toronto Clinic SMP scar

    Small Update, So I am going for my third session this Wednesday (roughly three weeks from my second treatment). I spoke to my practicioner about the fading. He said it is normal and I shouldn't worry. So, hopefully my third session this Wednesday will be the real "AHA" moment I've been waiting for. In any case, I will shave my head again and update with lots of photos come wednesday evening/late afternoon. Side question: What length hypothetically could I grow my hair in the back to maintain the "illusion"? Like obviously smp dots are 2D so if the hair above and below the scar is say 2 cm's long then it would look "off". But could I get away with a 1 guard on the hair above and below my scar or will the illusion break at even such a small hair length?
  3. Toronto Clinic SMP scar

    Update: So, it's been about 7 days post 2nd session. I think it looked quite good the first 2-3 days but it has faded tremendously as you can see in the pics. I have followed all the post care instructions to a T so I'm discouraged that it has faded so much I have an assessment booked for Friday with my practicioner so hopefully he can give me some advice. I have a few questions though: (1) HIS advises a 1 month wait between 2nd and 3rd session. Given that it has faded so much in such little time would it make sense to wait the full month or get I get my 3rd session as early as next week? Would this affect my warranty/guarantee in any way? (2) Also, it seems like I will probably need more than the 3 quoted sessions. Do I have to pay for another trio of sessions? At this rate, I feel like I will need 4-6 sessions to cover this thing properly
  4. Toronto Clinic SMP scar

    Hi Artistry, (i) When I first agreed to the strip, I was under the impression it would be a very small scar like 1 mm or so. Obviously, that wasn't the case (although in all fairness, maybe it's just my skin that is prone to stretching as opposed to surgical error?) (2) To be honest, I used to keep my hair longer at the back too (to hide the scar obviously). Part of the reason I'm getting this done is just to have more flexibility with how I can cut the back of my head. Ideally, the smp will allow me to cut my hair short (not like wet shave short but like a low buzz guard) so that the colour/density blends uniformly. (3) I will keep posting pics so no worries! I think my scar though is sucking up a lot of ink so I'll definitely need a 3rd session. Like it is 4 days post 2nd session and it has faded a bit (not as much as the first time though). But always better I think to have it too light since you can always add more ink rather than it turn out too dark. (4) I was quoted 800 per session. So 3 sessions is 2400 for me.
  5. Toronto Clinic SMP scar

    Hey guys, Just finished my second smp session. Here are pics right before and just after my second session. So the first session, he used an 18 shade which as you can see faded a lot. So we went down to a 10 for this session right in/on the scar. I think it looks pretty good post session. Hopefully it settles nicely. Also, I only shaved a cm above and below the scar prior to the second treatment hence why the back of my head looks a little funny with the longer hair both above and below the smp area.
  6. Hi guys, I am getting smp done for my hair transplant fut scar at the Toronto Clinic. I thought I'd post my pictures, keep track of my progress, and get your opinion. As well, I know there is a scarcity of photo results on this forum from the new technician at the Toronto clinic so I thought it would be good to give everyone an idea of the work quality. I did my first session a few days ago (Thursday) and attached are some before and after photos. From what I understand, the first sessions is just meant to lay the groundwork so obviously the scar is still quite visible post 1st session. Hopefully that will improve with the second sessions coming up this Thursday.