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  1. I was first introduced to SMP in 2016 after seeing Premier League footballer Andros Townsend walk onto the pitch at Selhurst Park with a new sharp hairline. I immediately searched Google to try and find what this treatment was and whether I could afford to have it done. Despite having thick, dark hair, I had always struggled with my hairline at the temples and spent countless hours in front of the mirror trying to disguise it. I used certain products to try to conceal the hair loss, which was both messy and expensive. I had researched into having a hair transplant, but I decided that it wasn't for me. Firstly, because of the scarring and secondly because of the fear that it would not work. Especially after seeing poor results suffered by celebrities such as Wayne Rooney. After pondering over it for about a year, I finally decided to have a few consultations with reputable companies I'd researched into. I chose HIS as I felt that they were the most honest and seemed interested in what treatment was best for me and not them. Before my first session I was very nervous and asking myself whether I was doing the right thing. When I arrived at the clinic in Birmingham, my practitioner Andra was brilliant. She made me feel at ease and talked me through exactly what she was going to do, taking time to ensure that the hairline she was going to re-create was right for me. I had 3 sessions in total and Andra made me feel very relaxed throughout. I am incredibly pleased with the results, which have healed really well. My friends and family have all seen me now post-treatment and nobody has said a thing. Only my wife knows that I have had the procedure done and hopefully I can keep it that way!! I would recommend Andra at Birmingham to anyone thinking about having SMP. She really is a fantastic talent who is passionate about her job. I can honestly say that she has changed my life!! Please see the below pics (which I can't seem to put in order.....)