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  1. Full treatment with sensitive skin

    My natural hair colour is a light brown now but when I was a kid I was a light blonde. That was many years ago though!
  2. Full treatment with sensitive skin

    Ha ha , I know the choice of football team I picked as a username could have been better! I follow my local non league team now but didn't use that as most people have probably never heard of them! Glad you managed to get a good result using SMP and remembering the after care advice is all important. Keeping a sensitive scalp well moisturised every night makes all the difference. I've started using this stuff called skin salvation by pure potions that I picked up from Holland and Barrett and so far so good. It's a bit like vaseline but better and a lot of the dryness is slowly disappearing. Anyway all the best.
  3. After suffering from male pattern baldness since I was in my mid 20s, I finally decided to do something about it after reading positive reviews of Micropigmentation treatment on the internet. Seeing some amazing before and after photos it made my mind of the direction I wanted to go. I looked at many other different companies that carried out this treatment and the HIS group seemed to be the company getting a lot of positive reviews. I was therefore delighted to find out there was a clinic in Birmingham that was close to where I live so I contact them for the initial consultation. Turning up very nervous I was immediately put at ease by the member staff who went into great detail of how the treatment works and what to expect. A week later I went for the first treatment with Andra Dascalu and straight away she was very professional and polite which made me feel very relaxed. Having a bit of sensitive scalp it felt likely sore, but that sensation disappeared very quickly and Andra is very understanding and allowed me as many breaks as I needed. Even on the first treatment the difference by looking in the mirror was amazing with how it looked so natural and it blended it so well with my existing hairline. The redness of my scalp soon disappeared within a few days. Since than I have had 3 more treatments due to having dry and challenging skin and every time Andra makes the finished look more and more brilliant. I cannot thank Andra enough and everyone else at the HIS Clinic in Birmingham who have been so friendly and professional and I would recommend anyone who is like me, at my wits with male pattern baldness to contact the HIS group and it will truly change your life to the better. Cheers