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  1. Booked into Harley street clinic

    I had mine done in H Street and it's turned out very nicely. Three sessions for a new dome, planning on a fourth to make some final adjustments.
  2. The NEW Millennium Dome

    Hi 2hanger, Actually I've been so intrigued by the reactions (zero negative comments, I should add) I was going to do a separate post on it! Essentially, I mentioned it to my sister about 2 or 3 years ago, just musing the idea (she said "do it!") and I told one of my best mates who's been on a similar path having planned and now gone through with a full 'hair-tech' solution (the glue-on full hairpiece thing). Skeleton
  3. The NEW Millennium Dome

    Thank you! I didn't originally mean to write such a long account of things, but I ended up with a lot to say. I realise my photos are naff. I'll try to take better ones. I'm going to contact the London branch about my final tweaks when I get a moment; hoping for some time off work in December so that would be ideal.
  4. Cold called by a rival company

    I had a cold-call a few weeks back, turned out to be ex-HIS employee. I was absolutely appalled by the breach of data privacy, but I remembered speaking with the chap (a sales consultant) during my HIS consultation process, and he was really nice, and helpful, no I let it go. It seemed more naive than anything, as if an SMP customer just wouldn't mind their PII being ported over. But honestly, appalling.
  5. The NEW Millennium Dome

    Hi everyone… herewith a quick synopsis of my treatment and results, in London.. I had my treatment in London during the Summer, so I’ve had long enough to fully assess my NMD (New Millennium Dome!) In short, I’m very happy I went through with it, and had I known SMP would work so well, and wasn’t a con, I’d likely have had it done years ago. It’s a pity so many false “cures” of the past leave people sceptical. I’m lucky in that my office is laid-back, and people know me as a character; I’d already been wearing hats in the office, not because I had a problem with a bald dome, but simply because I like wearing them; especially when I discovered slouch-style ones in very thin, comfortable material, which don’t seem daft indoors. I wear them all the time, and it’s more enjoyable now, knowing I’m not hiding a blank scalp underneath! Accordingly, I was able to hat-out during the few days where the redness was apparent. 1st session was fine; I really owe thanks to my practitioner, a really great guy whom I got along with so well. I wanted a high hairline like my original one, but he politely pointed out that if I chose a naturally receded style, it wouldn’t show so much from side-profile. That might be perfect for some people, wanting to keep it very low-key, but in hindsight I was so pleased to go with his suggestion. It still starts quite high, but perhaps my recollection of it being naturally receded at the temples was because I only ever noticed once I was egging-out (which was 30+ years ago). I’m a youthful character, and enjoy the idea of looking younger; there’s no need to be TOO modest unless you really want to. After 2nd treatment, and healing, the effect was good, but patchy. Some areas had taken the treatment considerably more than others, which made me anxious as to the final result’s potential. However, at my 3rd session, by a different practitioner as the first one had moved to a different branch, I was assured with confidence that everything would be fine. He was very calm, which put me at ease, and again, just a really nice person. And also, extremely talented at his job, and someone who took pride in doing it well. I didn’t touch my dome for a full week afterwards; I was determined that once I exfoliated my scalp, I’d see the ‘real’ effect, give or take some gradual fading in the next 2-3 weeks. The sense of relief when I finally saw it had worked, was enormous. It’s about 90% there. The shading is consistent, not 100% same all over (which is not unexpected, perhaps), but even enough to give a great effect. The only slight issue I’d like to address is that it’s a little lop-sided and slanted from straight-on. They don’t use measurements, it’s all by-hand and very natural, and perhaps sometimes this can result in such outcomes. I’m not after symmetrical perfection, but I do think I need literally one or two hair-widths of dots one side, to make it more level. I’ve been too busy with work to even think about booking this, so not sure if HIS will cover it as part of original deal, which was assessed as 3 sessions. Hopefully, they will. Do I feel different? I do. I never had a big problem with my dome; myself, friends and brother (equally bald!) have relentlessly joked about it our entire lives. But without question, I feel more confident, more ‘complete’. Exactly like ex-England cricketer Graham Gooch said about his transplant: “it was just like getting a broken tooth fixed”. And there are some occasions where the difference cannot be underestimated; think about internet dating and the horrible reality that a fair few girls will ‘pass’ the moment they see a bald head (even though potentially they could fall in love with that person should they meet in person – strange thought – but true!) It’s important people understand the process, results, and manage their expectations. I saw a post in here by someone stressing-out about a smudged affect from some angles; the dye is obviously in a lower skin layer and you will not see “stubble” from certain angles. Further, anyone hoping to change their world via social media photos might be disappointed; in certain light one can look same as previous. In fact the only issue I’ve had is you never quite know how it looks, in any given situation. In some mirrors, at home, or for example in a pub, you’ll go “wow!” and in others, “WTF? Where’s my new hair?!” For me, I’m fascinated by the science of it, I find it incredible, and (finances permitting when I need maintenance), I can’t imagine going back to how I was. Even 3-4 months on, every time I take a piss at work, I stand there looking in the mirror for a moment, not out of vanity, but I guess out of intrigue having been a full egg for literally 20 years previous. The process from start to finish might not be perfect yet, and there seem certain aspects that could be improved given the finances and magnitude of the whole thing, but for me it’s a massive success. Even disregarding the aforementioned preference to have a final tweak to level out the hairline, I feel really good about the whole thing. I’ll post separately on comments received, and my opinion on the transparency of SMP and why (in my view) people should be less concerned about being found out! Note: my phone's camera seems f-ing useless for any detailed snaps but I will try to take some good ones.. Cheers all. Skeleton.
  6. Shade variation / how the scalp 'takes' the ink

    Thanks for all the useful advice. Apologies if I've made my condition sound more than it really is. The bleeding wasn't a concern, it was just mentioned I bled a fair amount and more than the first time, and it could affect fading. Practitioner wasn't overly concerned, was just keeping me informed, saying there could be fading, but on the other hand maybe I wouldn't even need a 3rd session. Also discussed how to address fading on a technical level. Scalp was in really good condition, I have soft skin and I didn't put anything on it. Possibly my blood's quite fluid due to very healthy diet (I did ensure no alcohol in the lead-up though). I'm pleased with how quick my scalp has healed on both occasions so no issues there. Skin feels / looks fine, I just need the 3rd session for shade consistency, but slightly concerned on a biological level that areas of scalp which didn't take so well, might be same on next try. It is what it is, I guess, and I don't have an issue with a 4th or 5th visit if need be. Yes I will try to post some snaps sometime. Thanks!
  7. Shade variation / how the scalp 'takes' the ink

    Thanks pal. I have no concerns over service levels, I've been really happy with all the HIS people I've liaised with.
  8. I'm 10 days since 2nd session, with assessment for 3rd to follow, and note a great deal of variation in how well my scalp has taken to the ink. In certain conditions this shows a patchy, inconsistent appearance, with each area's shade moving with head movement / viewpoint (so, not caused by direct light). The areas of lighter / darker shade are each small - size of coins or other random shapes, interlocked, and the variation is pretty much all over. I should add, in gloomier light, it's looking good. My practitioner (who is great, a relaxed, soulful person) thought I might not need a 3rd session, but to wait and assess as I'd had a fair bit of bleed during 2nd session which could cause fading; perhaps this is part of it. It's now clear I'll definitely need the 3rd session. My query is, what's to say these areas will take any better the 3rd time than the 2nd time? I understand immune response plays a part, and I don't necessarily expect perfection like the best gallery promo shots show, but I'd like to always know 'where I stand' with it when I'm out and about, at work or whatever. So, taking into account some light conditions negate SMP (understood, fine), knowing the shade is (reasonably) consistent is obviously important. If a practitioner agrees it's still too inconsistent after 3rd session, do I get further sessions within my fee?