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  1. Hi guys, I had my 4th session in mid November, problem is the blend hasn’t gone so well on one side. Up until now all the sessions have been great with no blend issue whatsoever, we did decide to go one shade darker, which has worked on one side but not the other. Im looking to go back in January for my final treatment however I’m a little concerned as to what can be done with the fade issue. i really don’t feel it’s going to fade much more than it has. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. 4th session blending issue :(

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys The treatment has continued to fade to a good level, looking to book my 5th and final session within the coming weeks. 2hanger- had my first session at Harley street then the rest at the Birmingham branch, only changed locations due to work. Nobody has noticed mate, and it’s only close family that know, they’ll all impressed with how it looks. Am I stilll happy with it? Yeah, I love it, it’s just frustrating that I didn’t go ahead with it years ago.
  3. A Few Questions

    Looks great mate, get those before pics up aswell
  4. Hi guys, Was hoping for some feedback, I'm booked into Harley street clinic in the 31st of this month for my first session, I can't wait, however all the reviews appear to be coming from the Birmingham branch, i haven't come across any feedback for Harley street, is Birmingham the preferred branch for most? I'm in Southampton so traveling to Harley street was easier, not sure about the parking though, yet to find out where that is. Thanks Hedges
  5. Hi!

    Hi guys, new to the forum today! I've been looking into SMP for a while now, I am alittle unclear though, I hope someone can help? I currently wet shave my head with my friendly bic, however I am often left with almighty shiney head that belongs in my local bowling alley. Ideally I'd prefer to use an electric shaver once I've had the treatment, I'm a little confused as to how the colour matching process works though? my hair colour appears significantly different when left for a day or too opposed to when I freshly shave it. How will the team match the colour? Do they simply match the colour of my head when it has been shaved? Will it look odd if I grew my hair out for a day or two? Sorry if this is really stupid question. Thanks Hedges