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  1. This is an amazing thread, and no offence intended to HBK but i think this is the thread which really highlights to everyone intending of getting SMP not to overdoo it. After your second session i think it looked absolutely brilliant and very natural but you went darker and darker which is when it started to look worse and worse.
  2. SMP Colours

    Hi mate, no his head was shaved down pretty close, thats why the bad SMP job was so noticeable
  3. SMP Colours

    Hi guys, I would like to ask the group about the colour scale of SMP. The reason I ask is with the hot weather at the moment I was in a beer garden on saturday and saw a guy who had obviously had a failed HT and had SMP to cover up the white dots on the back of his head.. It really didnt look good at all (poor guy!) His hair was slightly grey (what he had left at the sides and back but the big jet black dots stood out a mile!) My hair was blonde as a youngster and as Iv got older its kinda light brown is SMP available at present in that colour or is it just black and grey? Hope thats not a daft question.Looking to get HT white dots at the back covered up too if possible. Cheers
  4. SMP pictures from behind on the scalp.

    Do you have any pictures to show us exactly what you mean ?
  5. SMP after FUE

    I had asked Ed, the administrator on this site the exact same question. No worries
  6. SMP after FUE

    6 months post fue minimum apparently mate. best of luck
  7. Very short hair with SMP ?

    No problem Ed thanks, can you give me the email address again please and i will send a few down. The place where i got fue done want to bring me back in and just add some density here and there that will be in june i think so it would be december before I will come down to Manchester.. i was emailing one of ythe HIS staff and he said its best to wait 6 months after fue to get msp done to be on the safe side?
  8. Very short hair with SMP ?

    I have spoken to you on the phone already Ed and exchanged a couple of emails. I sent a couple of photos by email and was planning coming down from glasgow to manchester do you remember?
  9. Very short hair with SMP ?

    I had went for an appointment at a place where i live who does SMP (not HIS) and the bloke had it done himself but he shaves his head with a razor, it just looked like a shadow on his head, wasnt impressed at all. You couldnt see like any individual hairs..or the illusion of hairs
  10. Very short hair with SMP ?

    Does anybody have any photos of this? sorry I meant to put that in my topic
  11. Very short hair with SMP ?

    Can MSP be done not just as small dots but as the illusion of very short hair? The reason i ask is that i dont completely shave my head with a razor its just very short at the back. (Its to cover the Fue dots) I havent seen any photos of slightly longer hair with SMP. Thanks guys
  12. SMP after Fue

    great. thank you
  13. SMP after Fue

    thanks guys im just new to the forum and keep going round in circles on it, i dont suppose anybody knows how long after getting the fue procedure done you can safely get smp?
  14. SMP after Fue

    maybe it has been deleted i cant find anything