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  1. Customer Service Still Lacking

    They will just delete it. I would too if I were them. They aren’t in the business of advertising for the competition. Though they don’t appear to be in business in America anymore anyway. It’s not hard to figure it out based on what I wrote.
  2. Customer Service Still Lacking

    The place I went today I obviously can’t name but it’s one of the competitors in the UK that also has a shop in NYC and a forum. I appreciate that they don’t do a 3-5 day smp training program for outside practioners. I was shocked to see Zang and Gerow are offering these courses. Now i’m very relieved I didn’t sit for the trainee I knew I was getting when HIS referred me to Gerow. There are very few things in life you could be good at in 3-5 days.
  3. Customer Service Still Lacking

    Sent a couple emails, one general, one to Ian, almost flew to LA but plane was too costly. Just had an appointment with another NYC company. Unsure what to do. What a difference a year makes.
  4. Barber trip post SMP

    I’d avoid an awkward convot and do it myself.
  5. Scalp problems

    So I was either sleepier than I relized when when answering or someone edited what I wrote...
  6. That goes on to your forehead where you would’nt have had pigment. It’s probably psoriasis or something like it. Go to a dermatologist.
  7. hello? ed moderator or any body at hishair

    I reached out to Zang in LA. Gonna have to spend a small fortune just to fly out there when I would have preferred driving to Toronto or Chicago.
  8. hello? ed moderator or any body at hishair

    I tried calling and sending a couple of emails (to main info address and ian). I give up.
  9. Scalp problems

    Definitely understand your feelings. I would recommend trying a different dermatologist. You’re better off waiting til this scalp condition is resolved before moving forward with SMP.
  10. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    Personally, I think all the scars look the same so I wouldn't do it. It's your head though. Also, natural isn't evenly jagged so don't describe something that looks like an upside down mountain range.
  11. hello? ed moderator or any body at hishair

    I would try clicking the buttons for London. This is the head guys email: moderator can remove if we aren’t allowed to have it. I think this situation warrants it.
  12. SMP and US Military

    Why wouldn’t you be? Who’s gonna care enough to notice?
  13. Head shine

    Minimizing shine isn’t crucial. Heads are naturally shiny. People just worry about it too much. If you shaved off a full head of hair, your scalp would still be shiny.
  14. NYC Back in Business

    As I said, I was happy to go to Jonathan, I didn’t get Jonathan. I have nothing bad to say about his technical skill. Unfortunately, I didn’t get him.
  15. SMP to Accommodate for Future Hairloss

    No idea. I’d worry about it when it comes up.