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  1. Getting caught out

    I’m not sure it would ever look blue. Might have just be glow from some neon or lighting.
  2. Fading & Hairline - Advice Needed

    That ink already exists. Its what black tattoos are made of lol. Trust me, you wouldn’t want that on your head.
  3. NYC Back in Business

    I’ll pass. I’m gonna wait for HIS probably. Even if I end up going to another clinic. My next gap with free time isn’t until the summer though. The main reason I wouldn’t trust the Jonathan place is because the practitioners were incapable of understanding my concerns and nothing they said made sense. Not to mention they passed me off to a trainee with no prior notice. At HIS you get discounts for that. Finally, lets just say I saw a practitioner with his hair too long which doesn’t scream they understand what it should look like.
  4. Hair regrowth after SMP treatment

    It depends on how much hair you have. I go 2-3 days between shaves with a rotary razor. The other day I saw a tech at another company who was sporting what looked like a crew cut with SMP and it looked rediculous. His head looked like a ramp. SMP in front covering receding that went to longer hair in the back. It was like a slope. You’ll only know what you can do once you have it done.
  5. Getting caught out

    Cutlass wrote extensively about what to look for in a lazer in a different post. I don’t remember if HIS does laser anymore at all. I’m sure they can refer though.
  6. Hairy Again

    A natural hairline isn’t semetrical so I’d trust the judgement of the practitioner. Looks good so far. When is the next appointment?
  7. Getting caught out

    So honestly it is noticeable. Your sides are typically what they match but your sides had no color at all. You seem to know too many people who have the opportunity to look at the top of your head. Are you looking down as a result of anxiety and then they just stare? Try out the consealer first, if that doesn’t work, go get a spray tan and that’s what people will start focusing on. Then if smp is noticed, it just looks darker because your skin is darker. I’d start with consealer though.start today so you stop worrying and have time this weekend to get the tan if needed.
  8. Getting caught out

    No idea
  9. Getting caught out

    I thought the same. 0 is the darkest and it gets lighter from there.
  10. Getting caught out

    You could also try out consealer makeup and start adapting little by little so it’s not as jarring if it really bothers you.
  11. Getting caught out

    Better off starting new thread.
  12. Picosure removal

    Yea, I didn’t realize it would take this long. Good luck in the journey.
  13. NYC Back in Business

    So I went in today to have the procedure done and I felt it was a bait and switch. I did not get Gerow, merely his name on the door. When I went in it actually seemed like a more legit operation than HIS NYC was. There were 4 people working (2 techs, 2 desk), plus another customer. When I met my practitioner, I could tell right away he had the procedure done. It was very dark but so were his natural sides so I guess it was OK. Very nice guy too. We started the consult and I felt like I had a trainee. He was gonna consult with the other guy about the pigment number??? They talked and came up with 20. My eyes literally bugged out of my head because I hadn’t had darker than a 28 (30 session 1, 28 session 2). They started saying it was just their number system, and that on the HIS scale it would be a 30 or a 40 (which made no sense because that would be a 6 color range and they were saying it would be darker than what I had now). Next they said they’d be using multiple colors (despite me saying I’m not comfortable with that idea repeatedly) and started pointing out something on a picture that would not be noticeable to actual eyes saying why they needed to do it like that. I suddenly realized I was in that moment people describe here. “Why didn’t I leave before they painted my scalp?” they say. So I said I don’t feel comfortable with what you’re describing, got my jacket and left. Of course they tried to talk me into staying, but it had the exact opposite effect. I just didn’t buy what they were selling. I felt a little bad for the guy on session number 1 in the chair, but really, I am more worried about myself than making an awkward scene. By scene I simply mean, saying it doesn’t sound like what I want to do. Maybe this is a great SMP provider, but it just didn’t seem to mesh with the first 2 procedures I had at HIS. HIS should not operate like this. I’d rather travel to a different HIS clinic than listen to Gerow clinic tell me how they have perfected SMP and their technique is better than HIS. I immediately emailed HIS and asked them to call me asap but I knew they were already closed. Very disappointed in the new idea for the NYC experience. They should just cease NYC altogether. Chicago and Toronto aren’t that far away. Houston, LA, and Seattle could be fun trips.
  14. I don’t know what about it bothers me so much but it really does bother me lol. no offense to the designer
  15. Blending

    It’s probably a little of both, fading, and another session needed