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  1. 4th session blending issue :(

    Well it's looks great but it will take more time as well.
  2. Meet sheffield/doncaster

    welcome to forum i hope you will a great time over here it would be nice that you will meet the people you are looking for.
  3. Blending Issue?

    I think the results would be vary form person to person it might take some time to progress.
  4. Booked into Harley street clinic

    I would say that if you haven't any bad reviews about it then you should go for it ..
  5. Norwood 7's that had this done in LA area?

    Well it's would depends upon your treatment clinic that how they will provide you the service and the surgery that make you the best results you are looking for.
  6. SMP settling.. HELP

    Well you have about 3 SMP treatment has been done so you what you think it's this better for hair .