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  1. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    I have had mine from 2014 with one top up which was a softening of my hair line. I always think when il need another and the plan is a light one in a few years I have had zero fade so far but i don't mind the idea of it fading in my opinion it perhaps wouldn't do any harm. When I think of top ups I'm always afraid of ruining a good thing by overthinking and aiming for perfection when imperfections mkes the perfection the episode of father ted pops in my head when he try's to fix the dent in the car and ends up ruining it.
  2. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    Yes, however you can still see where it frames his face. And it's still a shadow in my opinion way better than a kojax. Maybe a top up would be good but maybe the super subtle is the results wanted
  3. aftercare

    I use a mild facial scrub then niva men's sensitive moisturiser as it's alcohol free. Randomly I use bio oil hope that helps
  4. Opinion: After a certain age, SMP makes you look WORSE

    These posts are exhausting.
  5. DIY SMP?

    this will not end well.
  6. Caster Oil

    Bio oil is good although it's not a moisturiser or niva sensitive alcohol free if you want moisturising
  7. DIY SMP?

    It's like getting your washing machine fixed. The bolt to fix it may be 50p but knowing where to put it will cost £80. Somethings you just can't skimp on, you are paying for experience.
  8. Question for white people with dark hair

    Hi, the second pic is mid morning after shaving a few hours previous. The smp blends with where the hair that you have already is. For me there is no time when just smp is visable. The side of of my head 'hair' matches the top 'no hair'
  9. Question for white people with dark hair

    I wet shave usually 2 times a week. My smp doesn't need matched just if you leave it more than 3 days you can see your hair through it. If you wet shave it's matched so there is no smp original hair 'step' first pic is 3 days second 1
  10. Is this laser legit?

    I don't think it would be wise for anyone to use their real name. I know if it was me I wouldn't. I don't blame them it's not a big deal.
  11. Beginning SMP journey on Monday

    Good luck next post will include you surrounded by dames half your age lol
  12. 12 hrs post 2nd session - mixed feelings

    Looks fantastic as is. .. I'd say don't go to trigger happy. Ease back and relax let it settle. I'd not go sharper subtle is the name of the game
  13. SMP turning blue after some years

    Hi, I'm not sure of the number but I was in between these 2 images. I have had a good journey and his Birmingham have been fantastic
  14. Need feedback

    That's impressive! As vinny says def over-analysing. Start enjoying that, for peace of mind maybe call in to his at some stage perhaps but that is one perfect treatmtent over time you'll forget its even there
  15. SMP turning blue after some years

    Thanks for the comments. Those pics are about a week apart. I have to be honest that nobody has ever mentioned the colour shade of my head. Regardless of anything. It was one of the best choices I have made. I wish I could have told my past self that I'd be getting smp in my future, the worry id of saved myself. ?thank you his Birmingham