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  1. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    The difference smp makes to someone is outstanding. @stokie, suits you mate.
  2. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    I had a faux scar added. I just went yeh go for it when I was having the treatment. I can’t say if it looks ok or not but nobody has mentioned it to me so perhaps that’s a good thing.
  3. I just booked my 1st session. I'll post daily pictures

    Subtle is the best advice. Listen to the practitioner. Looking forward to the pics. You'll wonder why you waited this long to have it done
  4. Second treatment

    Upload some pics would be the most helpful thing to do. Also where did you have your smp done?
  5. is it possible to fade the SMP with a pale pigment ?

    I feel for this guy. I think that’s why it’s important not to cut corners with something so life changing. I’m glad I had my treatment with his. It was life changing in the positive rather than the negative.
  6. is it possible to fade the SMP with a pale pigment ?

    Was it with his? I’m guessing no
  7. Where is the social media?

    Social media is the devil. I’d rather none. Less advertising about this the better. I don’t think it’s a service that takes well to social media All the info you need is in here. It’s the best place and usually Everyone is friendly :)
  8. ‘Blow outs’

    Hi, the top photo is pre hairline softening. The bottom few is where the edge was brought down and feathered a bit. Hope that helps
  9. ‘Blow outs’

    I had a more defined hairline sorted this way and worked a charm. Birmingham HIS done the magic, and it was magic lol. Totally awesome let us know how it works out
  10. ‘Blow outs’

    You could have the hairline brought down a tiny bit. It would sort it out.
  11. Laser removal of smp 2018

    Was your smp done with his?
  12. Faux scars, What's your opinion

    I have one on my left side at the front. Nobody has ever said anything about mine that I can remember. I can’t say if having it is good or bad. I don’t think it has made any difference to mine. Just preference maybe
  13. Just do what hairline suits you best. It always can be altered although not brought back up. Hairlines aren’t perfect so the odd unevenness is welcome sometimes. As above don’t be afraid to say what you want but listen the the practitioner keep us informed
  14. Listen the practitioner, go light And not defined. Small dots and don’t go below where you’d have hair. But the practitioner will steer you right. I’d a small fake scar added to seem more authentic. Plus chicks dig Scars :-/ dont itch it and wait the proper time before shaving washing etc. I think you’ll be surprised how good you’ll look. Good luck. You have the perfect nut for it, very similar to me when I had my smp in Birmingham mine turned out pretty good in my opinion. keep us updated.
  15. Getting caught out

    Have you thought about lowerering your hairline a cm or so. you can have your hairline feathered down so to speak. I know that is an option just a thought.