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  1. Fading & Hairline - Advice Needed

    Agreed with SHVD man. In my opinion, your SMP looks great even under office lighting which is very unfavorable for bald heads (i see this stuff everyday at work), but because your scalp also doesn't appear to be shiny, it really brings out the treatment. If you ask me, I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, and also agreed with SHVD that you probably don't want to grow your natural hair any longer than what you have in the pics attached. Vin
  2. Toronto His Clinic

    I've gotten a total of 4 sessions done, all at the Toronto clinic (3 regular sessions and 1 warranty touch-up session). The first 3 sessions were done by a practitioner from the UK who is no longer there, but I've had excellent results from his work. I admit that I was skeptical before going in for my warranty touch-up session end of August this year with the new practitioner, but upon meeting and speaking with him I was totally convinced that he's knowledgeable and knows what he's doing. It's been 4 months and my treatment still looks amazing.
  3. Aftercare

    Here's the link to the aftercare guidelines: Moisturizing 4 days after each session helps keep the scalp healthy and helps the ink settle i suppose.
  4. Anyone had their temples done?

    Hey man, I got my temples done. Take a look at my threads:
  5. i think this is a good start man. How do you feel about this length? At the end of the day brother, it's about how comfortable/confident you feel with it.
  6. well there are FUE implants but personally i feel like SMP is the better way to go as it's less invasive and wayyy more cost effective. I think you'll look fine with 0mm + smp dude! I think what you'll be concerned about (at first) is blending your head to your beard, but i guarantee that it won't be a prob as i have a lot of friends with shaved heads and full beard and it looks badass (wish I could grow a damn beard)
  7. Welcome to the forum buddy. In my honest opinion, given the thickness of your hair on the sides and back, leaving it at 2mm length won't blend with SMP that well at all, mostly due to the lack of "3d" ness with the areas treated by SMP. My natural hair colour is as dark as yours, and the max i can go is 2 days growth after using a razor and shaving to the bone. My suggestion, really, is for you to shave your down to 0mm and see if you can get used to that look first. If you can't, then SMP may not be the most viable option for you. If you have any other questions, let us know! Vin
  8. The etiquette of speaking to a SMP customer

    Just don't ask lol.... I've come across a couple of dudes in the past couple of years, one of them works out at the same gym as me. Every time I see him, he gives me a dirty look, as if he's either 1) scared that I might expose him or 2) he's jelly that mine looks better than his LOL My boss at work notices everything, and trust me, I know he knows I did something on my scalp, especially when I remember him commenting on my lack of ability to grow out my hair 3 years ago haha. Having said that, even if he was to approach me one day about it, I would have no issues telling him as I'm not sensitive about hair loss. But we all know some people are (understandably so especially if you've never shaved your head voluntarily before), so it's better to steer clear. Vin
  9. touch up / long term results I just got my touch-up session done, and from what I can tell, and from speaking with the practitioner, they wouldn't touch up existing dots unless it's faded to the point where it's distorted and/or no longer visible.
  10. My SMP journey has started

    Hey guys, Just had my warranty touch-up session yesterday at the Toronto clinic. After all the concerns from a few members on this forum, I decided to brush the criticisms aside and see for myself. First off, the practitioner, while being on the slightly quiet side, is very professional, kept me in the loop during the whole process, exhibited extreme patience towards my treatment, and was very knowledgeable. I went for the touch-up session to add density to the crown/top, and to break up the hairline and temple just a tad. He was understanding, yet provided his expertise and discretion so as not to change the overall hairline that I already have. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the results so far, and I can vouch for this dude and I think you should also!
  11. TORONTO Clinic

    GAS - post up some pics of your progress so that everyone can see the amazing results you're getting
  12. Scalp shine!

    Please do a search on this forum as this is a hot topic that have been covered numerous times. Thanks, Vin
  13. Scalp Micro Pigmentation

    Really? Man, you need some serious upgrade to your internet connection bro. Mine opened as fast as a regular jpg
  14. I don't know how your hair density looked prior to shaving your hair down, but to be honest, it looks pretty good to me as is, and you actually have a much better head shape than a lot of people i know who have a shaved head. Your face actually match a shaved head very well, but I get that if it's not the look you're comfortable with, then you should explore other options. All I'm saying is, if you change your mind and continue to have a shaved head, that you can get away with not even requiring SMP. Just my two cents. Vin
  15. My 1st experience exposing SMP to the world

    Good stuff Beetlegeuise. Now, can we see a picture of the said woman? =P