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  1. Tempting....

    I wouldn't go cheap just for the sake of getting it done. I would want it done right. Just sceptical off the cost. I know it's not like a regular tattoo but $800 for a 2 hour session. With repeated appointments to get it fixed doesn't fill me with confidence. Especially since I'm reading a lot of forums about a 4-5th session.
  2. Tempting....

    £3K !!!! I'm hoping this was for your whole head from nothing to a nice buzz cut appearance ?
  3. Tempting....

    Sorry for spelling and grammar. Posted from mobile
  4. Tempting....

    Hi guys. I'm 26 now and trying to cover up my thining hair is getting to much now. Tried running propecia daily for 2 years but tempes are still receding and getting thinner on top by the month. So looking to take some steps a to boost my self confidence again !!! Been doing a tonne of research into getting FUE transplant but cost is a big factor. Still Young got lots to do before can throw that kind of cash away so looking at SMP. My questions if you can help at all: Anyone got SMP to make their hair seem thicker ? Seen it's around £1-2k for treatment. Also seeing guys returning for 3-4 sessions. This included in your first quote? Massice thing that puts me or is me paying to fix something that wasn't right or not what I wanted. Blending ? See lots of complains with blending and a few guys with dots literally on their head. Is this something that des happen or. Depends on individual and aftercare ? Anyone suspected your is fake or unnatural in anyway ? Attached an image of what I'd probably go for.