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  1. SMP to Accommodate for Future Hairloss

    A standard three session treatment of the first two a week apart with a third following on around twelve weeks later will cost about two and a half grand (£) and for you if you follow your existing hairline I am certain you will gain an excellent result. I can imagine that with the amount of hair you have now reinforced with smp underneath you could extend the length of time of not shaving down to the bone, sure it will be shorter than it is in this picture but you will be surprised by how much density it will offer. Go for it, you know you will want to when you lose more, by doing it now the transition to shorter and shorter hair will be less dramatic.
  2. Really want to do this but... are definitely over thinking and giving yourself a stressful time on this decision, have a holiday, maybe Los Angeles, heard there is a guy called Zang out there...
  3. Hairy Again

    That looks good and if having it a little darker means you can get forty-eight hours between shaves, then perfect. Also by grabbing that extra bit of hairline, that's a single layer, which for me adds to the realism of the feathered hairline.
  4. Getting caught out

    My suggestion is to bite the bullet and hold off from lasering your head for now. I would say that after ten weeks you will notice the settling in period to have occurred and will in my opinion be accustomed and adjusted to actually no longer being bare up there. The first treatment is a light template and does not have the 'impact' that the density from the second gives. I am more than confident that after a couple of months it will 'settle' and not appear to be so vibrant. Ironically this vibrant first couple of months is what I term the honeymoon period in that it is super zingy and visible. Believe me, do not laser your nut for at least three months. I think you will be okay, you do not have an unrealistic hairline, it will calm and also you will adjust. Your acquaintances now know you as the guy with hair... HURRAH!
  5. Hairy Again

    First session is just a template, second will give you a more cohesive idea of what you are going to end up with. I would hold on for about ten weeks till you have the third session to allow for any fading to occur and also to give you time to adjust to any swings of thought you may have on what you want from this third session (and believe me, you will have swings, darker, lower etc). Personally I think you could definitely grab another ten millimetre of hairline at your second session. The density from this session will firm up your treatment and I would stress wait and live with two for two months before having the third. You can after you have three have the free top up towards the end of your warranty year to refresh with a darker shade if you feel you are still too light.
  6. Hairy Again

    The shade used looks spot on now that the redness has gone.
  7. Fading & Hairline - Advice Needed

    Personally I like the look you have, in my opinion your hair is at the limits of what you can do length wise, any longer will make it more noticeable but I think it works as a look. You know as well as anyone else who has the treatment that it will disappear in certain circumstances and no doubt you torture yourself by looking in the worst case scenarios more than the good ones... for me if you keep it trim then you have a 'hairstyle' that works.
  8. Hair regrowth after SMP treatment

    I am NW7 with a very light light brown shadow (my hair is naturally fine). I have a few hundred stubborn remaining hairs in a very diffused pattern across the top of my head, looks crap grown out but I feel totally comfortable with three days stubble (as in the pic). The stubbly hairs although tiny catch the light and fool the eyes, it doesn't truly hold up to close inspection but passes what I call the arms length test, i.e. the distance most people get close to you. This of course is subjective to YOU and how comfortable you are in your own skin and with the decision to have/hide the treatment.
  9. A Few Questions

    1: Either. It's entirely subjective what 'length' of hair you'll be comfortable with with SMP. I have light brown hair, Norwood sevenish and have a light shadow for thirty six hours so personally I am comfortable with alternate days in terms of shaving. 2: Varies. My first treatment left my head red for two days, subsequent treatments, a couple of hours. 3: Empowering.
  10. Dry scalp

    Use Jojoba oil and give your head a nightly massage.

    Your shade looks right, just give it a few weeks to settle and book the third session. The density gained from that third session will probably alleviate your darkness worries. Of course you can get a top up under guarantee, say nine months into your first year and at THAT session you could go darker if you wanted to... but I think shade wise your good.
  12. I think you will get a great result blending SMP in with your remaining hair, you have still got quite a solid sides and back going and my opinion is you would be comfortable as a two shave a week guy with a foil shaver... but go for it, take it off see how you feel with it right down to 0. Go to the videos section and check out Rob's he has a similar amount of hair.
  13. Photo - Will SMP work for me?

    Gold plated triple AAA! You have really high sides and will get a brilliant result blending in SMP on top.
  14. Not 100% happy, what to do next?

    Cheap fix would be to foil shave in the evening, giving your hair a chance to grow for the next day, repeating every two days, ergo you would be in your good blending zone from twelve to forty eight hours most of the time or as has been mentioned in earlier posts have it blended down into your sides which appears not to have been a consideration as it does abruptly stop.
  15. clippers conundrum

    I've mentioned this before on another thread but if you own a set of Wahl clippers then you can take a Phillips screwdriver to the blade guard and adjust them so that they run flush and parallel to each other this then gives the equivalent to about thirty six hours of growth, maybe save you a purchase... recycle recycle recycle!!!