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  1. Questions

    Hi Cityworker There are so many threads on here regarding shaving.. recommend you use the search function to find some. My twopenneth would be that I wet shaved for years and yes it can look a bit sharp for the first few hours (nobody has ever commented) - but I can then go for 3 days before needing to again. However, my very recent birthday turned up a present from my wife that has converted me to a razor... specifically the "Pitbull". One of several on the market that are specifically aimed at shaving the head (it claims to be good for the chin too but I only attempted it once and it did not go well). This gives me a fantastically fast finish that does not need touching for a couple of days, possibly 3 but have not yet found the need to let it run that long. 2&3 Everyone heals uniquely but any bleeding will be done during the treatment and the tiny puncture wounds heal pretty much immediately. Most see the post-treatment redness disappear over a few hours, certainly by the next day. Fading between sessions is part of the process but each session tidies up the previous one and I would expect a 3 week holiday to tick all the boxes for you. The only risk from sunlight is the action of the UV on the pigment which can cause it to fade over time. Wear a good UV suncream and there should be no restrictions on your lifestyle choices. ... Thanks to SomeMagicalProcedure for that brutally honest assessment of HT.
  2. Open Day in Bristol Next Week

    A reminder that next Thursday is the first open day for one of our newest clinics, in the beautiful city of Bristol. Wherever you are on your SMP journey this is an opportunity to get all your questions answered. Maybe you have only just discovered SMP and are still at the "dubious" stage - where you suspect it cannot be as good as all those gallery images and forum threads suggest. Maybe you have done enough research to believe in the process but have yet to see anyone in the flesh with the treatment. Or maybe you simply want to watch someone being treated while you put your own technical and personal questions to the practitioner Alex. If you have an interest in SMP you will receive a warm welcome. Simply arrive at the address below anytime between 11.30AM and 6PM. HIS Hair Clinic, 56 Royal York Crescent, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4GP If you have questions ahead of the day you can post them here. if you want to find out more details on exact timings for when the treatment will be taking place please call 0845 359 2924.
  3. Day 1

    Wow. Good to hear from you. You just took the record for "Time between updates".
  4. Bristol Clinic Open Day

    Our most recently opened clinic is in the South West of England in the historic City of Bristol. On January 25th they will be opening their doors to all-comers. Anyone interested in meeting the practitioner (read more about Alex here) for a free consultation and getting their questions answered in person should make it a date in their diary. The doors are open between 11.30AM and 6PM, just walk in and say hello. The day offers more than just a chance to meet a practitioner though... There will be a treatment to watch... you may want to check with the office to see precise timings for that. Send them a message at info@hishairclinic.com.
  5. Getting caught out

    That is a good shout 2Hanger, one people have posted about before on here... though not for a while.
  6. Los Angeles

    Hi there Jazzhead. Seasons greetings to you too. Delighted you found your way back. All the best for '18.
  7. New session with Zang, one year later

    Most excellent to hear from you. Thanks as always for your contributions. PS: Have you tried Tapatalk since we upgraded the site?
  8. How Cool is SMP?

    Knowing how many of you visit here looking for reassurance that SMP might be your answer I thought you might appreciate a link to a really cool video. An advert for the "world's coolest suit" shot in a series of ridiculously hot locations, I think. Maybe it was shot in a parking lot in Elstree with lots of clever CGI. The point is that they chose one of our clients to be the super cool dude wearing the worlds coolest suit in lots of hot places. You don't have to ask how happy we were about that. Of course it is entirely possible our client would have got the job if he had not had the treatment, he is a very cool dude. In any case, it is a cracking little advert and a first for HIS. Check out our blog on the advert by clicking here to see the video in high quality (too big to fit in this post).
  9. Is it too late to say I hate the new forum design?

    In answer to your question... it is not too late to hate it. Just a shame. I know what you mean of course, the old version was like a pair of well used slippers. But everything evolves. We will get used to it very quickly I am sure, and once we do we'll begin to notice the improvements.
  10. How Cool is SMP?

    Sorry about that Buzzcut. Maybe something to do with the site upgrade. I have had a fiddle, please try again. Thanks for letting me know.
  11. Forum News

    Just a note to let you all know that some work is being done on the forum over the weekend. An upgrade we are told! That might just mean some new wangdangle is being plugged into the back end to smooth communication between the widgets and the wotnots, But it could be a new look. We wait to see... There is the possibility of some brief and temporary downtime over the next 48 hours while this work is being done, please bear with us. Thanks, and have a splendid weekend. Ed
  12. Anyone had their temples done?

    I've always had you down as a consummate juggler of these things. Good to see you here whenever you can make it.
  13. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    @DaveC - While this forum is, in the main, impartial and unfiltered it is not somewhere you can ask for advice on other clinics.
  14. Anyone had their temples done?

    A warm welcome back to the boards Sir. Very good to see you.
  15. Andros Townsend

    I've had no expert feedback on what might be going on with Andro's head. Transplant seems extremely unlikely though... remember Wayne Rooney and the months and months of "settling in" that a transplant has to go through, we saw none of that with Andros. A weave maybe, there was an EPL referee, Clattenburg, who wore a weave. But nobody was expecting him to head a ball or get involved in the rough stuff... which makes me think a weave is unlikely too - he would never get over being the only person in a packed stadium that didn't know his hair had become partially detached. The pictures would break the internet. I am sure we will get to the bottom of it.
  16. Famous Youtuber With Over 1 million Subscribers Posts Video About SMP

    HIS have been covered in the press, on radio, and on TV... it has still to seriously puncture the wider public consciousness. I think it only resonates for bald people (and SMP wearers), it goes over everyone ese's head (so to speak).
  17. Booked into Harley street clinic

    Great news... but curious as to why you would drive away from Birmingham, where the HIS head office is, to make your way to the centre of London.
  18. Toronto Clinic SMP scar

    Wait and see what your practitioner says on Friday. Scar tissue, as has been said many times, is unpredictable. The third session might well be the charm, if not then your guarantee will cover additional treatments.
  19. Famous Youtuber With Over 1 million Subscribers Posts Video About SMP

    Haha. Very good. But I've seen pictures of how the ancient Greeks felt about their young lads... no surprise they turned out a little unruly.
  20. Famous Youtuber With Over 1 million Subscribers Posts Video About SMP

    As a father of two teenage boys I can absolutely confirm that it is.
  21. Dry scalp

    The condition of the scalp is a consideration when you are being treated. It can have an adverse effect if the skin is flaking. Once treatment is complete though the pigment is well out of the way, beneath the dermis and perfectly safe. That said, finding a routine that works for you and your skin type is important.. as it is for any bald man.
  22. The NEW Millennium Dome

    Great to read you and your mate confide in each other regarding your hair loss solutions. Would be very interesting to hear you compare notes on the two very different experiences. I take it he is not required to go swimming with the kids? Just one of the many lifestyle choices that goes under the heading "things I used to do" - The good news is that he can throw them away at any point, I say them because you have to buy two, so you have one to wear when you send off the other to be maintained (which they do not do for free). Thanks for the posts Skeleton.
  23. These rather arty pictures taken of the interior of the latest HIS Hair Clinic just arrived me with this morning, thought you might be interested to see them. Cheers all. Ed
  24. Hello and question from Miami

    I don't completely understand how this squares with what you were told when you called in but I am assured, by the fella who runs Head Office, that all US locations are operational, including Miami. If, and I hope it doesn't happen, you call again and are told the same thing, please write to me at ed@hishairclinic.com and I will take the matter up.
  25. Hello and question from Miami

    I will talk to the office again on Monday and look to clear this up with something definitive.