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  1. consultation

    No "wow" about it Bigjule. I deleted your post because you promoted another practitioner. Simple rule. Please try to abide by it, I don't want to ban you but it is not the first time.

    Ryan - Jan 6th?? That is a long time to be nervous for.
  3. Celebrities And Smp

    ... HIS don't do the matt finish he has ended up with.
  4. Celebrities And Smp

    Moroccan World Cup player... saw him interviewed after their last match and 100% SMP... not HIS unfortunately (for him). Will keep an eye out and offer a name soon.
  5. Hi Alex. Just taken a look at the type of device you are using and suspect the actual increase in blood supply to the scalp is probably fairly modest, you might achieve more, in that regard, by sitting in a steam room. Your question is a sensible one though, increased blood supply is touted by many hair loss experts as a way to introduce more growth factors to the scalp and so aid hair growth... but I have sincere doubts about that too. That increased blood supply could, in theory, improve the efficiency of the immune system and so accelerate fading. But in all honesty, if you are finding that the device is helping with your seborrhea then continue to use it... Stepping out on a fiercely sunny day with no sun protection would be far more damaging to SMP than this treatment ever would be.
  6. New session with Zang, one year later

    Amazing Sir. Many happy returns for your upcoming birthday, you look in such terrific nick I'm in awe. No doubt that SMP plays it's part by taking another few years off.
  7. SMP and US Military

    I believe the US military relaxed their rules around tattoos last year, which is encouraging. But it is important to remember SMP is not a tattoo, we don't call it one because it uses different pigments and equipment to a traditional tattoo. It is no more of a tattoo than the "semi-permanent make-up" that women use to replace or define eyebrows... and I am sure they would not prevent a woman from joining the military. Checkingthisout is right though, nobody would notice at all in a crowd of men with shaved heads. Trained dermatologists do not spot SMP... there is no chance a military barber will, not when he is doing 2 heads a minute :0)
  8. SMP to Accommodate for Future Hairloss

    Touch up costs will depend on how much work is being done. It is a mistake to mix being young with having an efficient immune system, that is a blend of genetics, your environment, lifestyle, diet and goodness knows what else - It is still being worked out. I've been reading again this week that kids who grow up in homes that are too clean have significantly underdeveloped immune systems. Fading is impossible to predict on the basis of age.
  9. Second treatment

    Hello Danny. I believe you are going through a, usually very short, period of panic between sessions. I understand you have, since posting, spoken to the clinic and all is well. You have to wait a few days to wash the scalp and the degree to which the new follicles scab can vary. You are going to be fine... please do come back and update us though.
  10. Does sun factor stop fading !

    Absolutely the same for sunbeds. They use high intensity UV light which is what damages the pigment in SMP.
  11. Francois Sagat

    Well known gay porn star. Well known not least for his strange head tattoo. Definitely not ever an attempt at SMP nor how any good SMP will look "eventually" - A properly done SMP would never look more dense than it does after the settling period post treatment.
  12. Balding clippers

    Great to hear from you. Thanks for the tip.
  13. Does sun factor stop fading !

    The key is to use a high factor sun block. Depending on the latitude where you live you might want to reach for the hat in the middle of a summer day... but you are in Lancashire - where I i am told if you can see the hills rain is coming, and if you can't it is already raining. :0) You should be fine with the sun block at home... and on holiday take a hat for the midday sun.
  14. SMP to Accommodate for Future Hairloss

    It would be interesting to see a current picture for comparison and to get an idea of how stable, or progressive, your hair loss is. But what you are describing, in terms of treatment, would require blending below the hairline. That could be done but until you actually start to lose the hair in that region it would appear denser than everything around it, and look like a dark stripe if you shaved your hair down... which you would if you had SMP.
  15. Were his transplants removed first?

    Not at all, didn't meant to give that impression. Just pointing out that any client would be shaved prior to treatment, if they didn't arrive shaved already, so it would be impossible to tell from pictures. If I had to bet my own money one way or the other I would say he did not have them removed. I have written and asked the question to see if anyone can give me a definitive answer - I will post it here if they do.
  16. Were his transplants removed first?

    He would have been shaved prior to treatment. By someone with a sharp eye and a keen blade.
  17. is it possible to fade the SMP with a pale pigment ?

    It was performed by a local Metzger (German for butcher). David1963 - We don't allow pictures from other people's "work" but rest assured this is an extremely poor treatment that will require laser treatment, his problems unfortunately go way beyond big dots.
  18. is it possible to fade the SMP with a pale pigment ?

    The short answer is no. You will need to get laser treatment. But first you will need to establish with your provider the nature of the pigment they used as this will inform the laser technician on how to approach your work. Confirm, hopefully, that they used an appropriate carbon based pigment containing no metallic oxides of the sort found in regular tattoo ink. Good luck to you.
  19. Sun burn after SMP

    Just the same... how burnt you got would be a factor, as would genetics. Important for any bald person to avoid burning their scalp. That's an intense dose of UV radiation.
  20. What about ongoing hair loss?

    Hi Billy Bob. I would point out that the area along the hairline, wherever the hairline is, gets "blended" with the SMP. If the hair then recedes further it is a relatively simple task to increase the density along the former hairline and create the blending along the new one. Your question is a good one but it is a much greater concern, or at least should be, for a transplant surgeon... they should either be looking for a prolonged period of no further hair loss before attempting surgery, or make it very clear to their patient that they will be back for more, and soon.
  21. Where is the social media?

    All the best to you... please come back and tell us how it went.
  22. Where is the social media?

    HIS opened their first clinic in 2005 Sunil. The long term effects are walking around unnoticed. If you are in Brum you should try make an appointment for when Ian is there... the oldest SMP in the world. Beyond this forum and some blogging I have nothing to do with the HIS social media so my opinion is just a personal one. Most people investigating SMP, however they heard about it, are learning about an industry they never knew existed. Choosing your clinic has become complicated precisely because there is a difference between being the best SMP clinic and being a wizard at social media marketing. For me it makes sense for HIS to concentrate on their real strengths. Rolls Royce aren't still here because they bought into the fad of billboard advertising :0)
  23. Tanning....getting it right....

    Personally I put a slightly higher factor on my scalp than on my face... the skin of your face is exposed all year round and is thicker than the scalp. Once your melanin starts working the tan will quickly appear even. I would definitely avoid not wearing any protection at all though. Lots of damage gets done by the time your skin actually starts to burn. So I will use #8 on my face and #12-15 on my scalp for example. According to your skin type and latitude you will want to play with those numbers to find what is right for you.
  24. Spotty scalp

    Hi David. Great to hear from you. I was in Stockport on a course last week... should have looked you up :0)
  25. Spotty scalp

    Use the search function to find contributions on the subject from our favourite Mancunian security guard, David1963. He has been on a journey with his scalp and plenty of good advice to share.