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  1. How close down do you have to shave?

    You might look at the Pitbull too... works for me. Quick and easy.
  2. Tips for SMP (post-treatment)

    Thanks for that Passive Aggressive, good of you to share your experience.
  3. my 1st treatment, bit confused/worried maybe

    Headblade works wet and dry. But does miss some... seems to miss the lonely ones, Which, unnoticed, can grow to amazing lengths.
  4. My experience with SMP and diffuse thinning

    There is a case for using SMP to help in these situations. But there is a window of opportunity, early in the process. A period where the hair is not so thin that it undermines the overall effect, you would probably need to rely on a trusted close friend or partner to tell you the point at which you need to reach for the clippers and go the whole hog. At that point you may need to return for an additional session or two to complete the look.
  5. My not so good smp story so far

    Some clarification. As I understand it at the moment.. Aboot was treated by a practitioner in continental europe who does have a connection to HIS via a training course. But Aboot is not a HIS client. It is now a bank holiday weekend so clarity beyond this is unlikely before people get back to their desks on Tuesday.
  6. My not so good smp story so far

    At this stage I can share that I was previously told by Aboot in a PM that he was treated in Belgium and by HIS HQ yesterday that there is no record of the email address he is using. So I was surprised to read the post that says he was treated by one our technicians. I have written to Aboot to ask for clarification.
  7. Ingredients which are ok to use

    Im not a pharmacist but I think these are ingredients designed to make the product spreadable... possibly an improvement on some of the damaging alcohols that are used. To be honest, as soon as any ingredient gets past its 3rd syllable I tend to put it back on the shelf and look for something simpler. Check the blog... the latest post is about scalp shine and solutions. All the best.
  8. Doesn't last

    How??? I dread to think. But surely the question is why? @Trendy... get back in the swimming pool. The chlorine is only an issue during the healing phase. Your pigment is now settled and beyond reach. The exercise will do you good and you must miss it.
  9. my 1st treatment, bit confused/worried maybe

    I am sure you will find shaving your head is an improvement on whatever routine you had to follow prior to SMP. I still find wet shaving my head quite a therapeutic thing to do, time sees me use the Headblade more often that not but I still wet shave regularly... the Headblade will miss the odd hair, and having missed it seems to struggle to get it once it is over a certain length. So the occasional wet shave is a necessity to avoid sprouting several of these.
  10. Clinic in Colchester essex

    They are legit... as long as you are talking about the clinic in Osborne Street. Not that I am aware of there being another clinic in Colchester.
  11. Smp essex ?

    There is a clinic in Colchester. Details available through the regular office contact number, or email info@hishairclinic.com
  12. my 1st treatment, bit confused/worried maybe

    I used clippers for years... until the wife bought me a Headblade which I now swear by. Clippers are just fine though.
  13. Smp essex ?

    There is only one clinic that can be recommended to you on the HIS Hair Clinic forum... I am guessing that for you this involves a train, possibly to Fenchurch St, then a tube across to Harley Street and the HIS clinic there. Good luck.
  14. Exactly how does SMP fade? (Not, "Does SMP fade")

    It's a well worn path... from concealers to SMP. Same goes for men who wear hair systems and are desperate to stop. SMP gives them a story that makes sense of the previous full head of hair and replaces it with another one. Concealers and hair systems both come with a large slice of daily stress (for most). SMP is, for these people, a truly liberating experience.
  15. Exactly how does SMP fade? (Not, "Does SMP fade")

    I'm not sure I completely understand the question noircat but will answer the one I think youre asking. It fades according to a mix of your genetics, immune system and lifestyle. After years of watching many clients on here, including some very recent posts, there are examples of people for whom fading happens relatively quickly, then others who have not had a touch up for years - and it is impossible to predict, seemingly fit and healthy, active young men will see little or no fading. While an apparently sleep-deprived, pre-diabetic, beer drinking, cigarette smoking chaps might fade fast and need a significant touch up session inside the first year. It's why the guarantee is in there, for peace of mind on the short term fading. For long term lack of fading... I can tell you that my last session was maybe 8 years ago now. As a 55 year old I am happy to let nature take it's course but have faded very very slowly, not in a way that would mimic male pattern baldness, just faded slowly. Nobody has ever questioned it and I have never felt any need to address my appearance during this extended phase - it has always looked great. Friends who know about it say it looks better now (maybe they all got sick of me being the only one left with a hairline... how times have changed).
  16. What can you say about the inks used?

    It is a very reasonable question. I think the answer you need is that there are a very short list of ingredients, all of which individually meet those requirements of being essentially inert and most certainly non-carcinogenic. Mixing them does not create something new, just a blend.. - the precise blend aimed only at meeting the criteria required for the final product, of being sterile, chemically inert and resistant to UV light (because the depth at which the pigment sits means it is more at risk from UV light than it is from the white blood cells working for your immune system). Hope that helps.
  17. my 1st treatment, bit confused/worried maybe

    I have big hands and if I travel four fingers from my eyebrows I am halfway to the crown. I'm with TippedJungle, from your pictures it looks OK. Maybe it was just the shock of a younger version staring back at you... are you upping your estimate from the previous 16?
  18. What can you say about the inks used?

    Bobobaldy is right, the depth makes a big difference. Did you read this... https://www.hishairclinic.com/treatment/knowledgebase/pigments-and-pigmentation-specifics/ The details are a business secret, we are in a competitive industry, but the pigment is designed to be chemically inert, sterile and highly resistant to UV light...and very important is that they decompose stably. There is always the possibility of an allergic reaction... the same possibility that exists whenever you put anything into your system for the first time.
  19. Exactly how does SMP fade? (Not, "Does SMP fade")

    There is only one pigment. HIS pigments, in all their shades, are the same. Monomeric with no metallic oxides. The "solid ink" result you are describing happens when larger molecules are used... they will be broken down by the immune system over time, or at least the smaller parts will, leaving behind the heavier molecule which because it is a different shape and smaller can move from it's original position. This is what creates the blurring over time on traditional tattoos. The same process will also see the new molecule produce a different colour (usually blue, sometimes green). The monomeric pigments HIS use are tiny, they are taken away whole by the immune system leaving nothing behind. So this can lead to fading, but not the sort of aesthetic disasters you are describing - they are only an issue because some of the copycat providers use the wrong type of pigments for the work which has led to horror stories.
  20. First session smp

    Come on Ryan... you're better than that. @Fred69 - This is exactly the right place to post your pictures mate, do not be put off.
  21. SMP Results

    Sananthony is spot on REC. I have seen way too many treatments where the practitioner (not HIS) would have been well advised to proceed with more caution. Easily done in the second session where the temptation can be to go heavier on a first session that faded a lot. You are in great hands, trust the tech! All the best.
  22. consultation

    No "wow" about it Bigjule. I deleted your post because you promoted another practitioner. Simple rule. Please try to abide by it, I don't want to ban you but it is not the first time.

    Ryan - Jan 6th?? That is a long time to be nervous for.
  24. Celebrities And Smp

    ... HIS don't do the matt finish he has ended up with.
  25. Celebrities And Smp

    Moroccan World Cup player... saw him interviewed after their last match and 100% SMP... not HIS unfortunately (for him). Will keep an eye out and offer a name soon.