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  1. What does an SMP head feel like?

    It is one of those things that gets said by the ill-informed. People who have only read about SMP. That said, I have read posts from clients who remained anxious about their head being touched, usually by new partners who did not know about the SMP. It passes. Like giving up smoking some people embrace it from day 1, others take a little longer to get truly self confident. Early reading about SMP, until you have seen enough positive pictures and testimonies, does seem to trigger the critic in us. Human nature maybe, to be suspicious when someone offers you a solution to something you were sure was unfixable.
  2. Hair Piece to SMP

    I'm with you Bobo... two of the luckiest beggars ever.
  3. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Just for clarity... once the SMP has healed it cannot be removed with a razor. Even one wielded by a drunk man with no depth perception.
  4. First session monday 21st july manchester clinic

    Hey! Welcome back. Thanks for the pic. Looking sharp my man; Just spotted a 3 year old request (from just before me taking over on here) to rotate a couple of pics you previously uploaded. Scroll up and check them out, rotated and enlarged to make comparison to now easier (though they were taken outdoors and from above).
  5. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    Understood. Just wanted to make the distinction and offer those contact details... I sincerely hope things work out for GKnock.
  6. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    I have to point out, because he didn't, that GKnock did not get his treatment at HIS. And looking at that hairline I would suggest his journey through laser would be quite different too. Your best bet is to contact info@laserremovalclinic.com or give them a call on 0800 975 0663 - All SMP/Laser questions answered.
  7. Laser removal of smp 2018

    I am leaving the topic here so that anyone returning will appreciate the awful pictures posted were not the work of HIS Hair. Unfortunately that was not clear in the original post and It had been seen by a lot of people who might think HIS had something to hide if I just removed it Presumably the clinic where the work was done do not have their own forum... which in hindsight might have been one of the clues that he should have been looking at HIS in the first place.
  8. Laser Treatment Info/Hairline Adjustment

    There were quite a few questions in there so I went off to check my facts... but have done much better than that. Please send all your laser related questions to info@laserremovalclinic.com to get personalised answers from an expert.
  9. In ten years time

    Hi Dasher. You are right... I am going to advise you to get a consultation. But unless your fading has been dramatic I cannot see why the cost should approach the original. As per my earlier post in this thread, a touch up is not the same process as the original treatment. It usually requires a scattered sprinkling of fresh work to put the zing back. Let us know how you get on.
  10. pigment not setting on edges of head???

    Hello dean. When you say "roughly" four. treatments? As long as you have had 3 then any further work would be free of charge. You should definitely contact the clinic for advice and book yourself in if necessary.
  11. Hair Piece to SMP

    My personal brush with systems was some years back, a girlfriends airline executive father wore one. I never knew. Nor did his family. The story broke when my girlfriends 20 year old brother walked into his parents bedroom to see his dad sitting on the edge of the bed with his hair in his hands. Shocking and embarrassing for all concerned, and for the brother the first hint that his own hair might be at risk. Because of work her dad still wears that ever more ridiculous and age in appropriate accessory.
  12. In ten years time

    Hi Jumping Jack. The starting point for a practitioner performing a touch up is to study the degree of fading, as Lt Col. Kojak said for some there is almost none at all. For those clients a liberal sprinkling is all that is needed, sometimes using a slightly darker pigment to refresh. You would be amazed at how a very short touch up can make a dramatic improvement to an old SMP that looked OK before anyway. For clients who have experienced a greater degree of fading, due to sun exposure or lifestyle choices, Then the job is to refresh with new work scattered evenly but always keeping to a minimum, less is definitely more. The helmet effect you describe just does not happen. It is not a repeat of the original experience, you can be confident your practitioner will understand what is required.
  13. Smp buzzcut

    I understand. So you are looking to SMP to add the appearance of density until such time as you are forced to shave down completely. That is a sensible strategy.
  14. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Re: The Platinum version of the Pitbull... apparently the differences are minimal. Battery life mainly. Of little or no interest to someone who needs to use it for 30 seconds to a minute every day. Comments regarding reliability are noted. I will handle it with great care. Should possibly have gone Braun :0)
  15. Hair Piece to SMP

    Even if we never wore a hair system I think most can empathize with your situation. Of all the transformations possible; bald to transplant; bald to hair system; hair system to bald; hair system to transplant... etc. Moving from a hair system to SMP is the one that comes with it's own built in story. "I cut my hair". People will be a little shocked, especially men losing their hair who, if they were not aware yours was a system, will have been envious and now mystified. But not suspicious. Hair systems can be amazing but they definitely have a shelf life beyond which the wearer becomes a hater of the restrictions. If you are ready to move on from the system then do it, whether you go for SMP or not. After the initial shock it will be a liberating experience.
  16. Smp buzzcut

    You would seem to still have plenty of hair... is it thinning very fast? Just a personal opinion but you would seem to have styling options beyond the buzz cut at the moment. Maybe you should see a good hairdresser before you reach for the clippers.
  17. Alex Beresford

    Vinnydiesel makes an important point... people just do not see it. There are testimonies on here from people whose own friends and family did not notice. David1963, a regular contributor, tells a story where his dermatologist, during an examination of his scalp, recommended he allow his hair to grow. Alex is not the first person in the public eye to be treated by HIS. From footballers (soccer players if you prefer) to actors. Nothing has yet prompted the cat to leave the bag. I doubt Alex, our favourite weatherman, will do it either. Both in the US and UK we have had regular press and TV coverage yet it remains as far from wider public consciousness as ever.
  18. Alex Beresford

    I hear what you are saying Rich007, not everyone wants to share the fact that they have had SMP. But Alex is a very cool dude, being in the pubic eye he had to make a bolder choice than most to go for SMP. For me, he has embraced it in a way that is to be admired. He certainly sets a positive example for anyone looking for ways to "own" their SMP.
  19. Sorry for the downtime

    Me too :0)
  20. Sorry for the downtime

    Happy Monday everyone. Our apologies to anybody who had their Sunday in any way inconvenienced by the absence of this forum. It went down and the alerts didn't go off. So it was not picked up by technical until today. All tickety boo now. Welcome back.
  21. It is not a location thing. Just that too many ex clients make that generous offer to meet up... too busy getting on with their lives.
  22. Any photos of Walter's work?

    You could have asked the office to send you some... info@hishairclinic.com - But it's Walter you were seeing. There is only one Walter! The man is a legend.
  23. saving for smp jason blog

    Hey Jason!! A warm welcome back. Look forward to the pictures.
  24. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Having been wet shaving forever my wife bought me a Pitbull Silver last month. This fits in your hand and is designed for the head. Does a terrific and incredibly fast job at about half the price of the Braun... though I confess I have never used the Braun and suspect if you are willing to pay the extra Bald Ego's testimony is a winning one. I did just check and Pitbull offer a platinum version which is even more expensive than the Braun. Anyone used it?
  25. Poached

    Pretty shameless huh? Shabby stuff but nearly impossible to protect yourself against. We can only hope the reputational damage he brings on himself and that other business manifests itself as commercial karma. I can't imagine it is a good way to introduce yourself.. "Hi, I stole your personal details from my last job and thought I'd have a go at cold-calling to see if I could earn your trust enough to have SMP with me."