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  1. Would SMP work on a head shaved down to the bone

    There is a range of pigments used in SMP Aga, but they are all black. Like Model T Fords. That is because, regardless of the colour of the hair, they are matching to the dots of a buzz cut head, which are always a shade of black. Not quite the same thing as shaving to the bone though.
  2. Low contrast between skin and hair after shave - how to choose smp color?

    Most find that around day 3 they would want to shave again, but up till then the SMP stays on point. It does not have to match either a clean-shaven head or a few days growth, It does both. Really well.
  3. Post first session - underwhelmed.

    Yours is typical for a 3 session client bobobaldy. In just about all cases the third session would be chargeable if needed, but if you pay for a third session you trigger a free touch up anywhere within a year of the first treatment. The exception is In extreme, rare, cases where the client's system eats the pigment beyond the third session, HIS would see the client right and offer additional treatment so that the desired outcome is achieved.
  4. Is SMP visible in certain lights?

    Unnoticeable, exactly. That is the idea... Like anything in the world, it will look different in different light - but that isn't a negative. Fair buzz cut can disappear on a sunny day. Clipped to just the right length, dark hair can appear to have a blue or green haze to it. A more important point is that people do not focus there, it just doesn't get seen... even when they do look, and even if they are trained professionals (accounts on here of medical exams of SMP on scalp where the client is advised to let their hair grow!).
  5. Need feedback

    You shouldn't need to ask for anything, the practitioner will know exactly what is required.
  6. Red tinge after smp?

    Understood. Look forward to hearing what your practitioner says, I have never heard of "red" being an issue before, and not just through my long association with HIS, I mean anywhere ever - not even from the worst of the worst cowboy's clients posting their tragic images. There is definitely nothing in the pigment that can go red. Maybe the answer will come from a dermatologist.
  7. You can always have an initial consultation, just to get the ball rolling, over skype.
  8. I need to wash my hair!

    So do we take it Greece is not so much your location as your state of mind? Lots of sympathy for you. Well, as much as a bald man can have for a fella with hair trouble. Best advice is to stick to the aftercare guidelines... As for minoxidil... regardless of whether you have an SMP or not you would do well to find and use versions that do not use alcohol - they're out there.
  9. (Considering SMP) Överväger SMP i nära framtid, men..

    Those sharp hairlines were in demand a few years back, when Jamie Foxx was wearing one and carrying it off extremely well. It is quite rare for a client to request that look now, almost invariably the feathered edge is preferred. This is not only achievable, it's the standard at HIS.
  10. Need feedback

    I am going to agree with everyone else on the thread, this is an outstanding piece of work. Not that I am disputing what you are seeing in the mirror, which I can only put down to the pigment struggling with some scar tissue. It is normal to be hyper-critical of your own treatment and people will usually insert a caveat about how happy they are with theirs (I worry in bright light, I'm concerned about the hairline being too high/low, is it too dark/light). It is just to get used to. Some get SMP and do not tell a soul, others share. Have you asked anyone in person for their opinion? I'm struggling to get past your wearing hats, you really need to stop that and build up some confidence in that amazing treatment. People do not notice flaws in a treatment much worse than yours, you will be surprised.
  11. SMP turning blue after some years

    Its important to distinguish between a bad SMP treatment with the wrong pigment, or technique, that can result in an outcome that is distinctly blue.. and a recognised visual illusion that can see even a real shaved head, or chin, appear to have a faint shade of blue in some lighting conditions.
  12. Red tinge after smp?

    Did you wear your hair shaved before SMP? I ask because I have areas of differing pigment across my scalp and would never have known if I hadn't gone bald... I can imagine that if you shaved just prior to treatment the shock of that new look might have distracted you from more subtle things. Equally it could be an unusual reaction, some sort of lengthy inflammation - in which case time will heal. Have you asked your practitioner for their opinion?
  13. Retinoids can't be used if you get SMP?

    Try sending a PM to a member called David1963, he has a long history with similar issues and is generous with his advice.
  14. Retinoids can't be used if you get SMP?

    Hi Semel. Thanks for posting the question... and sorry to read about your skin issues. I do not think you will have an issue with the active ingredients. They are acting on the surface and the SMP pigment is inserted beneath and out of harms way. I will put your question to the HQ team and if anything different or additional comes back will post the update here.
  15. Transplant scar concealment

    Do you have a before photo you could post? This looks pretty good to me. Hard to say whether an additional session might improve things further... what did your practitioner advise?
  16. SMP and weight gain/loss?

    I can see how this becomes a discussion... but on the back of a "what if" rather than on any evidence. It is not something that has come up on here before which makes me think it is not a real issue. Then there is the anecdotal evidence of the many clients who were inspired to get into the gym and make significant changes to their body shape... with nobody ever mentioning a shifting hairline. I can only imagine the chat was inspired by people noticing that body tattoos can become distorted with body shape changes. But skin on the arm or elsewhere on the body stores fat subcutaneously in a very different way to the scalp. Very interested to hear the experience of our clients and their thoughts on this.
  17. Hair line is too dark.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you know who Thierry Henry is... If you don't then google him but you could be his little brother. Congratulations on your outcome, well done for sticking with it and thanks for coming back here to complete the story for us.
  18. SMP for sandy blonde not shaved head? pics to show?

    If you have significant hair loss it will be a challenge to keep your remaining hair long after an SMP treatment... The recreated buzz cut look does not blend well with hair of any length, it would need to be shaved down to match.
  19. Nervous and anxious about my procedure

    With very few exceptions I would say that is the normal situation for anyone approaching their treatment date. Hopefully you will have done all the research necessary to be reassured that everything is going to be fine. It should not be fear that you are experiencing... just some anxiety ahead of what will be a big change for you. Once you have it done you will be largely overwhelmed by the lack of reaction from those around you, and you will be wondering what the fuss was about.
  20. How close down do you have to shave?

    You might look at the Pitbull too... works for me. Quick and easy.
  21. Tips for SMP (post-treatment)

    Thanks for that Passive Aggressive, good of you to share your experience.
  22. my 1st treatment, bit confused/worried maybe

    Headblade works wet and dry. But does miss some... seems to miss the lonely ones, Which, unnoticed, can grow to amazing lengths.
  23. My experience with SMP and diffuse thinning

    There is a case for using SMP to help in these situations. But there is a window of opportunity, early in the process. A period where the hair is not so thin that it undermines the overall effect, you would probably need to rely on a trusted close friend or partner to tell you the point at which you need to reach for the clippers and go the whole hog. At that point you may need to return for an additional session or two to complete the look.
  24. My not so good smp story so far

    Some clarification. As I understand it at the moment.. Aboot was treated by a practitioner in continental europe who does have a connection to HIS via a training course. But Aboot is not a HIS client. It is now a bank holiday weekend so clarity beyond this is unlikely before people get back to their desks on Tuesday.
  25. My not so good smp story so far

    At this stage I can share that I was previously told by Aboot in a PM that he was treated in Belgium and by HIS HQ yesterday that there is no record of the email address he is using. So I was surprised to read the post that says he was treated by one our technicians. I have written to Aboot to ask for clarification.