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  1. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    Father Ted. Brilliant analogy.
  2. Opinion: After a certain age, SMP makes you look WORSE

    Its an important point I just made myself in another thread. That SMP, while we almost invariably do it to address issues around self-esteem, has a broadly positive effect on your whole life. It improves self-confidence which plays into how inspired we are to live up higher standards for ourselves. Bald Ego's testimony is echoed in so many other threads on here.
  3. Seven years after smp and still rocking the look

    Great to see you back JB. Thanks for the excellent pictures.
  4. aftercare

    Shampoo? With a buzz cut? You can use regular soap, try to avoid those containing alcohol.
  5. Opinion: After a certain age, SMP makes you look WORSE

    GM68, there are lots of other pictures of Bald Ego posted in his threads.... he is in his sixties so not sure how much younger he can be compared to the gentleman in the poll.
  6. Thought-provoking stuff gentlemen. Bobobaldy, I like the misunderstanding that we are attracted to the same things women are. GM68, I completely agree that the vast majority of men seeking SMP are doing it for themselves and to improve their own confidence... which in turn will make them more successful with women and life in general. For the record, I conducted my own poll with the question do you find bald men sexy... 50% said they did, and the other 50% said what are you talkling about? I haven't found anything sexy since the 1990's. Why don't you ask your sister? My mum is never very helpful with this sort of thing, but my sister was more encouraging.
  7. Opinion: After a certain age, SMP makes you look WORSE

    I would recommend anyone reading this to check out the threads posted by Bald Ego. He is a particularly erudite older client who has posted generously on his experience, with plenty of photographs. He will leave you in no doubt about the ability of SMP to achieve great things, even for older gentlemen. Maxb... everyone comes here for a reason, I am struggling to work out what yours is. I am not buying the thread around DIY SMP. Looking at this thread in the light of that one makes me wonder if you are not simply here to try and undermine or belittle HIS, or the SMP industry that they have created.
  8. Brain Tumor & SMP

    There are no metallic oxides in HIS pigments. The burning problems caused by regular tattoos in MRI machines are caused by those oxides, which are used to add colour. Not something HIS set out to do in the first place. HIS have developed theirs over years and the recipe is proprietary.
  9. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    If you don't live within easy reach of a clinic it can be more challenging to see SMP in person. But it has been around for over a decade now and with some luck you might be able to meet up with someone who lives more local by reaching out on here. PS: Bald Ego's contributions here are fantastic.
  10. Adele’s Bodyguard Rocking SMP!!!

    I remember it well... his time in the spotlight only lasted a few days. But he did cause quite a stir as I recall. Maybe he had more followers back when it was a live story... maybe he wasn't interesting enough to hold on to them.
  11. DIY SMP?

    The two people that started HIS, Ian and Ranbir, spent 5 years developing the equipment, the pigments and the techniques... before they opened the doors on their first clinic. It has been a story of development ever since. This entire industry was created by them. Some self-taught practitioners, who usually now claim to have invented it themselves, actually started out turning people's heads blue in hotel rooms (they didn't start out with their own clinic). There is much that can go wrong if you do not have the training/experience or access to the right equipment, including those vital pigments. But all the best to you... just saying that when you say to yourself "what could possibly go wrong?" - it's a much more complicated answer than you think.
  12. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Absolutely. I would add that if someone will only ever accept a return to their full head of hair, then a system is their only option. But if that is the case then everything I wrote in my previous post applies.
  13. smp+hairtransplant+buzz cut?

    Maybe putting up some pictures of your current situation might help get some responses. There is nothing wrong with your plan but you are best talking to a practitioner.
  14. Longer or shorter hair , 0 or 1

    I suspect most looking at your picture would say you have an enviable amount of hair and an excellent scar. Which gives you the choice... at consultation, I am sure you would be given a positive prognosis on camouflaging the scar.
  15. This sort of regulation on the ink market is decades overdue. But it has nothing to do with the pigments HIS use. It will focus on the ingredients used to achieve colour. HIS pigments are simple, monomeric and carbon-based... as opposed to the metallic molecules used to produce colour in tattoo ink, those molecules are, in comparison, huge. As they get broken down over time by the body's immune system they will change - snip off a couple of the smaller elements and you end up with a different molecule, the new shape means it can migrate (which causes the smudging you see in old tattoos) but it will also change colour... towards blue or green. This simply cannot happen with HIS pigments, in a nutshell, they cannot be broken down further... they can only be carried away entirely. HIS pigments are proprietary so it is hard to imagine a scenario where they would share the benefits of all those years in development with the rest of the industry. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.
  16. Caster Oil

    Caster oil is safe to use. All the best.
  17. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    Systems. Of course you need to buy two, so you have one while the other is being "maintained". The expense can be considerable and neverending. It is true you can swim in some, but they have yet to invent one that is kid proof - there are always situations that must be guaranteed to induce anxiety. Maybe if you have Alec Baldwin's money and that sort of career motivation...
  18. DIY SMP?

    No. Never. Wonder why that might be?
  19. Would SMP work on a head shaved down to the bone

    There is a large range of pigments, all black but all different. Your practitioner uses training and experience to select the correct blend.
  20. Any full removal pics?

    Put clippers or shaving into the search box to find some excellent reviews of various shaving methods. The Braun is popular.
  21. Happy to clarify for you. In the image on the left, the guy could use SMP, with that hair length, to add the appearance of density to the crown if, and it's an important if, there is some hair there. Looking at the temples, no way could he have SMP without it looking strange, he would need to buzz cut the hair to match. So you can use SMP on the thinning top but not on the receded areas. The serious option would be to buzz cut that hair away and go SMP, returning him to a full crown with a complete frontal hairline.
  22. Is this laser legit?

    Yep. Legit partner with genuine experience of performing laser on SMP. Which immediately gives them an advantage... as does a relationship with HIS which at the very least means they have a detailed understanding of what they are looking at - and some expertise to call on if ever unsure. This is not aimed at preventing you from doing your own due diligence if considering laser. Just confirmation of the relationship and my point of view.
  23. Intro Post (with pics)

    This thread will be locked until we confirm Khanne01 as a bona fide HIS client... not long I hope.
  24. Light brown hair and unevenly greying

    The shots with the concealer are pretty impressive, a master at work! How stressful do you find that routine?
  25. 12 hrs post 2nd session - mixed feelings

    Just waiting on confirmation of this being one of ours and I will unlock this thread again.