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  1. Dot too Big or just my impression?

    I am sure others will come and echo what I am saying, that it is just your first session. No doubt things will have settled since you took these pictures immediately post treatment. You have discovered why so many of the before and after pictures taken by clinics are not so great, because the after shot is taken straight after the treatment.
  2. Laser treatment on skin type 5

    Hi Sandman. Hopefully someone can contribute with some helpful insight based on personal experience, but you can write to or call the Birmingham clinic where there is a trained laser technician who can advise.
  3. What lengths are available to me?

    You've reminded me of childhood road trips from home in London to Dad's family in Glasgow... via an Uncle in Sunderland. Newcastle is such a long way from everywhere. Maybe your best foot forward would be a consultation over Skype... it would be a chance to talk through your options with an expert. Send an email to info@hishairclinic.com to request.
  4. Going to the gym after treatment

    The aftercare instructions recommend you moisturise frequently and avoid heavy exercise for 3 days after treatment, You should also avoid, for those first three days, showering your head.. and light showers for another 4/5 days after that. Swimming, saunas and steam rooms should be avoided for a month. Finally, you should keep your treatment out of direct sunlight for 28 days post treatment. You will read threads on here where clients break some or all of these rules, sometimes with no ill effects. But you can cross a busy street with your eyes closed and survive, it doesn't make it sensible.
  5. What lengths are available to me?

    Hi Sandy. Great pictures of your situation, to accompany a great question. I am wondering what your scars might look like under a #1 or #2 cut. That aside, and SMP can deal with scars, you do have a lot of hair - so SMP to camouflage the thinning could be your perfect answer. Are you near enough to a HIS clinic to be able to pop in for a free consult?
  6. Anyone For Spam?

    Just a quick note to acknowledge the issue, which raised its head over the last 3 days, with spammers. A new step has been added to the sign up process which, we hope, will fix the problem. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience... unless you actually needed an essay written for college, in which case we hope you found one of the many offered links useful. Cheers Ed
  7. What happens when you continue to lose hair?

    I'll get the ball rolling for you. Dots are placed around the hairline to achieve blending, some of them will be behind the existing hairline and a side benefit might be to make it less obvious if your hair then begins to recede further. I suspect you would notice it before anybody else began to, and if it bothered you enough you'd pop in for a touch up.
  8. What does an SMP head feel like?

    @Chadwell Heath I agree with what you are saying and have written about this double standard in the past.. but it is maybe slightly more nuanced. Bald can be held up to ridicule, the worst cases usually involve a high profile person (politician, tv/movie star, sports personality) losing their hair... it is the moment the papperazzi get that first picture of scalp through what had previously been an impenetrable layer of hair that a feeding frenzy begins. Ironically, if you hit the big time as bald it is held up as virile and sexy. - Vin Diesel would be an obvious example, but Patrick Stewart would possibly be a better one, given that he was of an age where most men exhibit hair loss. Very few manage the Bruce Willis path, to transit from being hairy to bald, and remain at the top of their field. Somewhere in there might be a silver lining to going bald early, not least because SMP is available.
  9. His coming to cardiff

    I don't know about Cardiff but there is now an outstanding HIS clinic in Bristol, a short hop from Cardiff.
  10. Is it too late to say I hate the new forum design?

    Noted. Request resent.
  11. What does an SMP head feel like?

    It is one of those things that gets said by the ill-informed. People who have only read about SMP. That said, I have read posts from clients who remained anxious about their head being touched, usually by new partners who did not know about the SMP. It passes. Like giving up smoking some people embrace it from day 1, others take a little longer to get truly self confident. Early reading about SMP, until you have seen enough positive pictures and testimonies, does seem to trigger the critic in us. Human nature maybe, to be suspicious when someone offers you a solution to something you were sure was unfixable.
  12. Hair Piece to SMP

    I'm with you Bobo... two of the luckiest beggars ever.
  13. Best clippers/shaver after SMP

    Just for clarity... once the SMP has healed it cannot be removed with a razor. Even one wielded by a drunk man with no depth perception.
  14. First session monday 21st july manchester clinic

    Hey! Welcome back. Thanks for the pic. Looking sharp my man; Just spotted a 3 year old request (from just before me taking over on here) to rotate a couple of pics you previously uploaded. Scroll up and check them out, rotated and enlarged to make comparison to now easier (though they were taken outdoors and from above).
  15. Information About Removal Of Smp By Laser

    Understood. Just wanted to make the distinction and offer those contact details... I sincerely hope things work out for GKnock.