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  1. SMP and weight gain/loss?

    My only concerns would be 1. If I lost weight and hair was suddenly shaved to nothing would people think I was ill? 2. The various non sweating times would probably mean gaining weight and so No1 won't happen !
  2. SMP, FUE or nothing?!

    £2 a graft is amazing value. Transplants work great on celebrities, not so much on us. But I'd go for the 2 5 k plugs
  3. SMP, FUE or nothing?!

    £5k seems pretty cheap for a full FUE. You certainly wouldn't get the coverage drawn on here, at a 1000 or so grafts your getting either a thin coverage, requiring fibers etc to fill out, or an island hairline with the rest disappearing. That's if the grafts take at all. However if you have been promised a good result I'd take the FUE.
  4. my 1st treatment, bit confused/worried maybe

    Isn't the headblade a wet shave ? Confused !
  5. My experience with SMP and diffuse thinning

    I've seen some of the, shall we say less established SMP providers, push the idea of using SMP to "thicken" longer hair. HIS don't seem to feature it, there was one case study with a guy with a kind of mohawk cut tho.
  6. My not so good smp story so far

    Just to confirm "a His practitioner " or a recognised HIS clinic ? In about 8 years in this forum I haven't seen results like this which could mean you have a unique Constitution, or HIS have let their standards slip on you
  7. One of the best results and would fool even forum members.
  8. SMP Results

    I have always been under the impression that the treatment lightens in time rather than darkens.
  9. my 1st treatment, bit confused/worried maybe

    I think the high hairline to match age theory is a bit overplayed. Most people don't bald by their hairline movining backwards, it's thinning all over. Personally I think some of the "worse" results are dense high hairlines, your eyes are drawn to the huge forehead!
  10. What can you say about the inks used?

    With about 50% of young people having tattoos, which are deeper in the skin ( from what I believe ) why would there be a safety concern ?
  11. Couldnt convince them it’s ink

    The only way to fool people like us would be to leave a balding spot or have a hairline nobody would choose. But since we are less than about 0.1% of the population....
  12. Thinning crown to add realism

    The point is that it is the hairline that makes us look better, but a less endowed crown will put even the most suspicious off the scent.
  13. Any Recommendations

    You are not doing the smp-frown which makes the hairline seem even higher, but it is too high to look natural with such density. However it's an easy fix to drop it down subtly with density fading to a broken lighter hairline. The sheer greyness of the head is exaggerated by the colourful beard also unfortunately.
  14. Has anyone thought of combining SMP + Hair Fiber?

    I do remember somebody used to sprinkle hair from his shaver on his head, with moisturiser/sunscreen helping to make it stick. If they got dislodged or noticed he would say his shaver must have been full, helped confirm he was shaving his head.
  15. Thinning crown to add realism

    "Real enough" may not be good enough. As I said i think i can spot the treatment but subtle touches can throw the most curious. I prefer the " he shaved as he's balding " response to " why does he shave...why is it always the same length...why doesn't he grow it out...." Train of thought.