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  1. Is it too late to say I hate the new forum design?

    You IT boffs must be too busy flicking playing cards into top hats. Quotes still back on my tablet.
  2. Hair Piece to SMP

    I don't think either Rolling Stone wears a system. Obviously colour is dyed but just lucky !
  3. Hair Piece to SMP

    Gary Numan's is the worst.
  4. Hair Piece to SMP

    System to SMP seems to be on of the easiest to explain as most people won't be wondering why you have follicles that weren't there previously, although there may be questions of why somebody with a full head of hair shaves it ? Pity there isn't a transition hairpiece, a bit thinning and receding, then you get SMP and can say you were starting to lose it so shaved !
  5. Getting caught out

    I know you don't want to knock the practitioner, but I thought that the faded/feathered hairline was now the norm, unless the customer is adamant that they want it defined. As I have said a high/rededed hairline with a perfect hairline is really unnatural. We don't bald like that! At this point any further treatment should be to lower but mess up the hairline. Look at pictures of people who have shaved their heads for real, hairlines all over the place, at you wouldn't give it a second glance.But a perfect hairline looks unnatural on an older guy.IMO But unfortunately I think you are the only person on here who's treatment hasn't faded, Most people bitch about the treatment disappearing and wish they had gone darker.Hopefully it will fade in time.
  6. Getting caught out

    I think that more SMP (ironically ) could sort it out. It needs to fade out down to a broken hairline.A short session just on the front . Laser removal from a standard tattoo removal company might do more harm than good. Bit of a ask tho to wait for another couple of weeks for another session.
  7. Getting caught out

    So how did the first day at work go ?
  8. Getting caught out

    Personally I think the hairline is too defined. It's high enough for you to lower it with a gradually lighter shade and with the dots getting less concentrated, with a final sprinkling of random ones. The high hairline makes the contrast even more pronounced, you rarely seen a receded hairline so defined .
  9. Getting caught out

    It's an unusual response. Most people seem to get either no reaction , or asked if they've lost weight or got a tan or something not related to the improvement. We've even seen some semi famous people who are in the public eye getting absolutely no press reaction, or at worse a "transplant" accusation. Pretty sure in a few weeks your immediate contacts will have forgotten the change, and occasional contacts just thinking you look better. Personally i use fibres on diffuse balding to get away with looking N3 rather than N5 and intend to answer the "why do you shave" by saying i was balding and it looks better shaved,
  10. Like most people on this forum I avoid the main website as it is a bit of a muddled mess, But I do like to keep an eye on new videos to see how the procedure is evolving ( softer hairlines, 3d effect by adding darker sprinkles etc) .Just checked and there has been nothing for over a year. Maybe HIS think every permutation is covered in the existing videos, but combining the old case study examples (Some on the site being as old as the website itself) , Along with promises of treatments with absolutely no examples (textured SMP) , It doesn't give the impression that HIS are the dynamic organisation they once were, The website needs a complete rehash,,,some of theses guys in the pictures are wearing flares!
  11. Andros Townsend

    Layered off ? There is no way this is justSMP plus hair growth. The initial reports were that it was a transplant but we all "knew" it was SMP. Definitely transplant now, normally curly hair isn't good for transplanting , maybe they can do that now.
  12. Northern Bald Guy's Diary (UK treatments)

    Actually I think the reduced density at the front makes it more natural looking. Maybe a bit of a graduation in density would help, but I'd be looking to keep the first few mm as they are
  13. Cold called by a rival company

    So you are saying that the HIS staff are crap with no ambition ?
  14. I saw a guy tonight I was 95% sure had the procedure. The 5% doubt makes it worthwhile .,plus I was the only guy in the room to notice(For me if you are 40/50 it is unlikely you will want to shave your perfect locks) I wanted to ask him about the procedure, but didn't want to embarrass him or let him know it was spotted. So how do you approach this situation ?