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  1. Hair line is too dark.

    Wow! Much more density on the top and it looks perfect! You must be very happy now!. Was this the final treatment, or do you get another one?
  2. My not so good smp story so far

    Hi Aboot! Sorry to hear about you problems. But all what I can say is, do not give up!! It seems, that your head needs more than 3 treatments - 4 , better 5 treatments, because of your strong fading! The lady has recognized that the dark (blue) dots, because your head has no density at all. Believe me, with a great density no one would see it. And the dark dots on your head will still fading ...! A laser removal you also can start after 5 treatments - makes no difference. After my second treatment I also got panic like you now, because of strong fading and the front has had also much darker dots. But after my 3rd and final treatment everything was perfect! Look at mine:
  3. Hair line is too dark.

    Hi AntWrig! Indeed - the front looks terribly, but the rest looks amazing for only one treatment!!! But doing a laser removal and then starting a second try?? I do not know...! At first, I would ask what happend and then I would ask for a later treatment! Maybe in 4 weeks it looks much better..! Good luck!
  4. Doesn't last

    Thanks Ed! That are good news. I like swimming so much!
  5. Doesn't last

    Wow! PermanentVacatio! Your SMP looks really fantastic!!! My SMP was done in December 2015. Almost no fading - maybe 2-3 %. But I protect my head every day, and I do not swimming anymore daily, because I've been told that chlorine in swimming pools let SMP fading very quickly..! Good luck to you Dotmatrix!
  6. What does an SMP head feel like?

    It is always head thing - before SMP and after SMP. We are individuals and therefore we react differently. I was always ashamed of my baldness and scars. And now with SMP, I feel like another person and I do not care at all, if someone recognize my SMP. I am absolutely sure, that for the public in some years the handling with SMP is normal as wigs in woman...!
  7. Hi Zakmandoo! Your practitioner told you it could be up to six weeks, before you needed to come back. I believe up to six weeks, because the main fading happens in the first two to four weeks. If you make the third session after six weeks, you are on the save side. In my experience, the fading in the following month/years is barely available. My third session was on January 2016. So I can say the fading on my head after the third session in the last 2 years is maybe between 0%-1%! So not to be seen! But the fading between my second and my third and final session was big. But this is a normal process - then the practitioner knows what he has to do, that you have no fading after your final session. So mabye that's why he said six weeks...! Question 2: Also my dots seemed a little bit to be tall after my second session. But I can tell you, that with more density you can only recognize this with a magnifying glass...! lool Good luck for the final session, enjoy the ride and your new look! Trendy
  8. Fading & Hairline - Advice Needed

    hi Leafs94! I am sorry for you, that you are not feel comfortable with your SMP. What you are doing is nothing half and nothing whole! The best look with your rest hair is to shave your head no later than any two days. In my opinion your hair looks too long on picture 2. On the other pics your hair looks perfect for me. If you do not like your look with smp and you prefer longer hair, you should think about a combination SMP+ hair tranplant.
  9. Finally Happy

    Hey Hayden! Your head looks like mine..! lol Good work mate!
  10. "Awkward" stage between first and final treatment?

    Hi TempleMaster! After the first session it will fade a lot, because the practitioner has to see before second session, how your skin will react. Working after the second session is no problem, but after the first session - I don't know...! I have had my first 2 sessions within my holiday. I would not work after the first session. The third session then will be the magic session.
  11. My hair loss journey

    Wow! What a great result! Well done Bald'n'Beautiful and welcome in our club!
  12. Hi George 21! In my experience of my own hair loss and the hair loss of other people you are too young to keep your hair for the next decade. If you would be in the fourties, I would says - "stay cool", because men who have so much hair like you in their forties, they lose hair much slower. So George, you are right, to think about the situation in your young age. so you have enough time fo find the best solution for you! So, what would I do? First of all, I would go to the Doc to make some tests. Maybe you have only a big vitamin deficient. If it is all ok, look to your grandpa (father of your mom), because it is claimed, that we men inherit our hair not from our fathers, but 50% of our mums and the other 50% of our grandfather (only father of our mum). Then you can see, what will happen to your hair in the next years. But some men have great luck, because the 50% of their mums are deciding the hair situation...! I have had the same problem in younger age, so I changed my hair colour in blond, so the skin shimmers less through. But if you do not like blond hair, you should cut your hair a little bit, because shorter hair looks mostly not so thin. Buy a dark eyeliner and make some dots between your hair ( on the front of your tophair) to make the skin in this area darker. Later on you can wasch it out easily! If your scalp is less visible, your hair loss looks less. Then you can improvise, how a SMP would work for you, if you want still walk some years with longer hair. Also women are using SMP for their thin hair, if the have dark hair...! But if you want to know how you would look with a shaving head and SMP, use the possibility here to upload a photo of you and see how do you look like with your new style. Another option and my favourite for you, because you have soooo great thick hair on the sides, would be (not now, but in some years, when you know, how your hairproblem evolves in the future) a hairtransplantation and better a combination out of hairtransplantation and SMP. Go to google now and write: "antonio conte hair" . He is the coach of the Chelsea football club in England now and he had made a hairtransplantation - maybe with a SMP. What a great result! Good luck for you George 21 and sorry for my bad school english, I am from Germany! Trendy
  13. Facebook comments

    Hi willgreen! This is funny. One of my neighbor had asked me the same question last week. Why I do not let my hair grow? My answer was:" I have had a psoriasis on my head some years ago and sometimes my head starts to itches. And that itches I can only stop if i use lotion on my head daily and with hair it is not possible to use lotion. So I have a shaved head!" But that was a lie of course! and he said:"Oh, yeah, I understand...!" Problem solved!
  14. SMP - Did it fail for me?

    That's why the 3rd session is called the "magical session". I was also a little bit upset after my second session, because of fading. But the 3rd session has made me soooo happy. Like "the bald ego" has told - the 3rd session is building the density! Go for it!
  15. What to use to simulate SMP (temporary)

    Yes! DermMatch ist perfect!