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  1. Top up after 4 years

    Guess I've just answered my own question
  2. Top up after 4 years

    #### or ####?
  3. Top up after 4 years

    Hello all...had smp with HIS done in Feb 2014...Top up under warranty in 2015...definitely thinking of a top up this year...are we allowed to ask the forum which practitioners are recommended....my time on the forum spanned when you were free to discuss specific practitioners by name ...then things changed and naming who you thought was good was stopped....have things changed and if so who do the forum recommend for a top up...cheers
  4. help needed

    Had smp 3 plus years now...no one has ever questioned me on the look...no one challenging me to ask whether my shaved look was fake...but be smart and do your homework...think and plan the hairline...don't go with a defined hairline....scan the his website for pictures of examples you like...equally find ones you don't like...work out why you don't like them...talk to your practitioner about this stuff if you decide to proceed...its been a life changer for Me!
  5. After how many years for a touch up?

    3 years in and I'd have to say I'm seriously thinking of a touch up in the next 12-18 months...my treatment has definitely faded/lightened ...a sprinkling, as some put it, seems to be needed
  6. My SMP journey

    That's a brilliant result...you should be over the moon
  7. Is my SMP too light

    I understand what you mean but do believe that this is part of having a natural smp treatment (as opposed to really a defined hairline or very dark pigment)...I've said this on other posts but at the end of the day anyone with a shaved head or smp is bald ie they've no visible hair length...but hopefully what smp does give is coverage of the top of the scalp to remove a hairless pate....the Patrick Stewart look as I call it...in some of your photos your treatment looks light whilst in others it looks spot on...I'd say my treatment was similar...
  8. Feeling a little low

    Understand what you're saying and have probably experienced the same to a degree...all of the points above made by others are spot on...people are commenting to you on a bald head in as much as that a shaved head has no hair length so it's fair to say smp or not we're bald...but are we bald like a Norwood 7 with a huge horseshoe...definitely not
  9. Anyone in Northern Ireland/R.O.I?

    Hi there...I know this is the meeting place section and all so the theory is it should facilitate meeting...I'm from NI and had a similar post up from years ago...I've had smp now for close to 3 years and I'm very happy with results...not sure about meeting because if you're from NI you know everyone knows each other...but if you to pm me ill answer queries with an Norn Iron slant
  10. Will SMP suit me???

    Dude....tons of hair!!!
  11. Will SMP suit me???

    It goes without saying that many (all!?) on the forum can empathise re your hair loss and the distress it brings...as a once (pre smp) user of concealers I totally get (and was) the guy in the bathroom with the spray can of coloured gunk so I get you not wanting to go there...I am struck by how much hair you still have though...and wonder whether you might be considering smp too soon...that said it's good to know that you've got an option that WORKS to fall back on!...BTW any holidays planned in the near future...why not try a buzz cut to see what it's like?
  12. Just a thought

    Hey giraffe...long time no speak...your idea sounds a bit too 'topik'for my liking but I know what you're trying to achieve
  13. New SMP - First Treatment Complete

    Reading your story reminded me a lot of my own...check out my diary 'SMP works'...its a bit like War and Peace for SMP but tells the full story...hold your nerve and think about your hairline ahead of Monday. ..practice with an eye liner - where it could be changed...talk to your practitioner...take as long as you need to get the hairline right...but remember better to build to a result than go too much too soon
  14. talc as antishine

    Using a small amount of flesh coloured talc is ok...im taking about an amount the size of a 5p coin
  15. Dark edges on Crown

    No photo up yet