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  1. Ceejay's Diary

    Cheers dude
  2. Ceejay's Diary

    Two days after the session i know it'll fade out over the next week or so but that'll improve the look overall when its settled in properly. Just for future comparison i have decided to put a few pic's of what it's like today on.
  3. Ceejay's Diary

    Hello Again had 5th treatment on 3rd July at birmingham just before my guarantee was out only there to add a little more density to the crown and sides. #### was the guy i was booked in with for a 1.5 hr session good to see him and ####.C. again. A year on never regretted having the SMP and still glad i did. I'll let the scalp settle down and ill do an update on how it looks soon and that'll be me done for a good while i should imagine. cheers all.
  4. Ceejay's Diary

    Hello again went back last Thursday for a 4th session had a drop down to an 18 for the crown and top of the head as that's the area's that i was concerned needed more work concentrating on. The side's and front stuck with the 20 which I'd had on my previous visit. #### was my practitioner who I'd met before as you'll know from the diary's they (practitioners) all collaborate on taking an interest in each others work so I'm getting to know face's now met a new one Danny who i recognize from the Diary threads. Great meeting you and of course #### and #### C. again i was in for about 2 hours and love the new HQ in Birmingham very swish. I was asked how its been for me so far with SMP and all in all no-one really makes any comments even people I've known for a while such as work colleagues haven't realised. I guess I've been shaving to the bone for quite a few years anyways so it's wasn't a great jump from one look to another for me which is what appealed to me the most about having it done. What i do find is people say "your looking really well" or "do you always your shave your hair down to the grain" things like that which is the enhancing difference it must give. Negative comments..none out loud to me anyway that i know of hmm and it wouldn't bother me either as long as you yourself are happy with it that's all that counts really. One comment by a women after I'd spoken about having had the treatment done was "don't you think its a bit vain of yourself getting it done?" I replied "no-more vain than someone wearing make-up or having there hair done etc. it depends how you want to look at it. I'm going to see how this settles in the next few months and i may or may not need to get another session if i don't fade too dramatically fingers crossed. cheers
  5. Ceejay's Diary

    On 2nd treatment he lowered the hairline and the third he brought out the side profiles as i wanted it tweaking a little after the previous session's
  6. Ceejay's Diary

    Thanks Robby Good on ya mate its a little nerve racking at 1st but you'll be glad you made the 1st step. For me i wasn't sure until after the 1st session once that was done i was convinced it would work out alright for me a lot of that is down to the expertise of the practitioner. As for going out i was out as soon as the week period of healing was up and i could use sunscreen and the scabs were gone but having said that i was out on the night after the 2nd and was OK with that just keep asking questions and reading the forums it does become a little obsessive leading up to your treatment but it is a big thing to go through in one way or another for anyone contemplating or going ahead with treatments good luck all the best to you .
  7. Ceejay's Diary

    Hi all, It's been just over a month gone since i last posted, here's how the treatment has settled so far. I've booked back in for a 1.5 hr session at the end of October with #### to work on area's that need more work I'm thinking the side profile's and more density around the crown for sure. one family member who i hadn't seen for 20 years or so did not have a clue or even after being told could tell any difference so that was definitely a great result for me. I'll update again next month just before and after my next session. i thought I'd include how it looks in natural light outside and indoors cheers for now
  8. Mnic's Diary

    I know what you mean i had the same with my 2nd treatment tough skin meant harder pressure needed i think that's why on my 3rd session the pain was hardly noticeable. Your treatment is looking Top by the way !!
  9. Young Bald Guy's Diary

    nice one dude
  10. Piperz Finally Booked

    Look's mint congratulations !
  11. Ceejay's Diary

    Hi "Bluewhale" my practitioner stuck with a pigment shade "20" #### did consider an 18 but thought it may be too dark, i agree about the crown area "Bighairproblem" i'll probably wait a couple of month's till the fade and book in again for a session to touch up any area's that need it
  12. Ceejay's Diary

    thanks guy's, in the last session i went with going a tad stronger on the sides ( tip my hat to piperz there) and i think that has nailed the hairline i was looking for. Just to reinforce to others contemplating about this treatment the more you know of the look you want before going in the better as i kind of didn't and i've been chopping and changing as i had treatments. The practitioners can advise and guide in your decision but they won't make it for you. Mind though i only discovered HIS in April and jumped in feet 1st without this forum and seeing others results and taking on board whats being said i would've been in the dark on a lot of the decisions i made. Nice one laters
  13. Ceejay's Diary

    OK had my 3rd treatment yesterday I'm pleased to say I'm pretty much done now I'll maybe need to leave it a couple of month's to see how much fading occurs and get back in touch with HIS for an appointment if necessary. Thank's again to #### C be expecting another card soon from another satisfied client to add to your growing collection, it's been a pleasure (and pain) meeting you I'll post again a few month's down the line to finish off my dairy and show how my SMP has settled in. Cheer's and gone
  14. Ok I'm one week post 2nd treatment and have returned to my outdoor working conditions Most of my day I need PPE so a helmet is mandatory which equals a lot of sweating profusely in this heat wave. When I can I remove my gear and use factor 50 sunscreen as recommended which out of the two is more Likely to result in being more detrimental at this stage in the process the UV rays or the sweat factor ?
  15. The Time Is Near!

    looks spot on mate hope you get the job