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  1. Hair Piece to SMP

    You probably see good hair pieces all the time but pay no attention to them. If attention is paid to matching hair colour, lace colour and if the roots are bleached well then its more or less undetectable even if a woman is rubbing your hair or looking at your hairline up close. In that sense a hair piece can be more realistic than SMP up close, the downside is that it takes a ridiculous amount of maintenance and stress to achieve that, and it's easy to be caught out if maintenance isn't perfect. Pointless unless you're a rich celebrity like Ben Affleck.
  2. In ten years time

    If you look after it the fading is extremely slow long term. I'm not even convinced I am experiencing long term fading. My treatment is identical now compared to my last session in Feb 2014. I fully expect it will hold up 10 years from now but keep in mind I'm not doing roofing in the summer in Texas. But if a touch up is required then so long as the technician uses a very light touch he should be able to do small enough dots that they will contrast nicely against the older lighter dots.
  3. Hair Piece to SMP

    I did "hair system" to SMP and I must admit the SMP is more realistic, and I am a norwood 7.5 if such a thing exists. My SMP required 3 treatments (and 1 touch up) in order to cover a very large area and create a tapered look down to my ears and neck. I used to buy custom systems from america and spend hours trying different tapes and glues to get a realistic hairline. Until it got wet or after a few months the colour would change slightly and no longer match my existing hair. Just shaving my head was an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders. People who never used those hair systems have no idea how much stress and anxiety they induce. I had hair systems for about 10 years, much of that time was miserable. Even if you never go through with SMP I highly recommend just shaving the dome, go on holiday somewhere hot, get a tan, and you will look and feel 10 times better. I used to post on the hairlosshelp forum, not sure if it's still around. But it was a really depressing place with loads of guys trapped in the hair system lifestyle looking for a way out, that was before HIS existed though.
  4. Faux scars, What's your opinion

    I dont think its a good idea, as someone else said it draws attention to the SMP. What I would like to see is a thinned crown look, and realistically thinned temple corners. I feel like SMP could be done a bit darker if these areas are realistically thinned. Plus no one honestly would shave their head to the skin with a full head of hair, there should be more emphasis on creating "imperfection" within a good treatment.
  5. Blending

    Give it a month and you will get a better picture of the final fading (it fades more over time but extremely slowly if you take care of it). Blending can be easily achieved by putting more SMP inside your existing hair maybe with a slightly lighter ink and lighter needle touch. That's what they did for mine. I found that it was quite painful having the SMP done lower on the back of the head and above the ears, which most people don't do, but it's worth it for good blending.
  6. Is it too late to say I hate the new forum design?

    The new forum avatar feature is most welcome
  7. Finally Happy

    You picked a really good hairline and didn't go nuts on the darkness. That's the secret to a good treatment, people are too tempted to go for a 16 year old hairlines and inappropriate follicle darkness
  8. SMP suitability? 2mm Buzz Cut currently + pics

    If you want to keep that length then you shouldn't expand your hairline with SMP or it will look fake. SMP could be used over your crown to fill in the region like Toppik. But if you want a younger hairline then you should really shave down much shorter to match the SMP.
  9. Blonde Hair SMP and Possible Future Log

    I removed my pictures a while ago for privacy reasons, but it still looks good 4 years on. I wouldn't say I went dark all over, my treatment tapers lighter down towards the temple, ears and neckline with the same ink (30) mainly by difference of needle pressure. I'm not blonde though, more of a mousey brown, and I'm not sure I've seen a blonde treatment that looks convincing. It's more a case of blondes needing to recreate light brown hair stubble for their SMP to work. Blonde stubble is basically invisible.
  10. touch up / long term results

    The treatment is as good or as bad as your maintenance. Regarding Ian, I met him for my consultation and you have to keep in mind that his scalp has been a guinea pig for SMP for many years. My own hunch is that the more you keep going back and having more layers done, the greater the risk of the helmet look since while the dots don't actually merge, they do lose that crispness they have immediately post-treatment, and if your scalp is saturated with dots it will give a grey helmet look. I had all my treatments done 4 years ago and haven't been back. I haven't seen any merging or smudging because I still have some scalp visible. I'm not saying the treatment is perfect and I'm not 100% happy with my hairline but 4 years on it looks more or less the same as it did 2 months post treatment. I'm in the UK and either use a hat or sunscreen during the summer months.
  11. 2 Years Post SMP Reflection

    I totally get what you mean about comments, I've had the same ones. Keep in mind that some people use the word "bald" to mean a shaved head. I've known one person describe Walter White as "bald" despite clearly shaving his head. SMP is highly dependent on lighting. I find that warm lighting like 2700K will make it look almost invisible whereas it's very visible in neutral or daylight. It's also invisible with the sun behind casting a shadow on the scalp.
  12. Meet in derby/Notts area

    Hi, not sure if you are still looking but I'm in Notts and can show you my treatment.
  13. Self tan

    My favourite is the Jergen natural glow, although it's been pulled from the UK so I had to get it from canada on ebay (I found someone selling 10 small tubes for £10!). It hasnt caused any fading and neither has any other brand I've tried.
  14. Foil or rotary?

    I have the Remington R91, it probably takes me about 1 minute to get my horseshoe down to sandpaper feel. Had it 4 years, never had a problem with it and only cost me £13.
  15. 21 balding. Need opinion on hairstyle and SMP

    You still have a lot of hair, you could probably reverse whatever hairloss you have with propecia. As for buzzing it off, yes you'd look good with SMP but personally if I had that much hair I'd be more worried about keeping it unless you don't really care and have accepted going bald.