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  1. What can you say about the inks used?

    My concern was what's in the inks – what tests have been done to know that they aren't carcinogenic. I know there's always a risk of an immediate bad reaction – I was thinking more of the long-term effects/safety. I know I know... I'm a worrier. But still, I think it's a fair question to ask :-)
  2. Hello, I've had my His SMP for about 6 years now. My first session was 2 sessions and one touch up My second session was a few years later (it's healing as I write this), which was 2 sessions. I left it a long time as I wanted to let it fade out but I changed my mind. This week, I made the decision to tell people that I've had it done and people were impressed. But some people really asked a lot of questions about the inks/safety of it and it got me a little worried! Of course, I understand that you can't tell us everything you do as competitors will copy - but can you assure me it's completely safe? The main question was how come they remain black for so long, even under intense UV light? Have any professional bodies approved/inspected the inks you used? How do you know they are completely safe and non-carcinogenic? It saws on the FAQS that the inks are different to tattoo and permenent makeup inks, so what research has been done on them? I've read the FAQs but I still feel more needs to be said. It just seems strange that their are quite a few companies doing this now and we still don't know exactly what we are putting into our bodies. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I haven't signed in to this forum for ages! I got my first treatment about 5/6 years ago and I've been very happy with it. I did go through an odd period a few years ago where I was seriously considering getting it removed so I could go a few days without shaving + removing the fear of being "found out". But, that soon passed and now I'm very happy with my SMP again. I don't really care if anyone calls me out on it; I like it and that's all that matters. Anyhoo, I'm in need of a touch-up. It's been a while and I have lost lots more hair since my last session + there has been a bit of fading. I have a Skype consultation next week and I'm looking forward to getting back on the HIS train. That being said, I am – and always was – slightly concerned about 'touch ups' as I fear my head getting overly crowded leading to the "helmet look". I have seen some bold hair tattoos in my hometown (Brighton), where I can tell from across the street that it isn't real. I understand some people want the exaggerated look, but for me, I like a high/natural-ish looking hairline with good density. So does anyone have any good links to photos or videos for someone getting a touch up a good few years after their initial treatment? (For the record, I believe I have 2 accounts with His)
  4. haha I see your point, I like the leg analogy, I'll get another session, I have lost a lot of hair since I got it done!
  5. Thanks guys, yeah I love the way it looks I just feel in a few years from now I may just get it removed just to not worry about touch ups/fading/sun being "found out". That is good to know it is only 2 sessions. I think I will get another session soon! I was only receding when I got it done and now I completely bald! so above the temples some lightings don't do me any favours. I'll get another session when I can! And not to worry Damien, thanks I meant I locked myself out my hotmail account last time so I just used my other email address. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I think it has been 3/4 years since I got my MHT now, very happy and have been since day 1. I went for a very high hairline which I am happy I did. Only once has anyone ever asked me if it was real, which I replied "not really" with an apathetic response lol. A bald guy I worked with used to constantly stare at it. Other then that nothing has ever come close to bothering me about what other people think about it. I'm a very different person to who I was 4 years ago, I used to check this forum daily before getting it done, I could not believe how good it looked and was super skeptical after trying all the other money grabbing trash and poison out there. However last year I met up with Damien, who I hear has moved on. We both agreed I needed a touch up session but I never got around to booking it. I think I may get the touch up later this year but I think I won't bother after that. I'm very comfortable in my own skin these days and I don't feel there is anything that anyone could really say about my head that would upset me like It did a few years ago. I was a stick skinny 19 year old when my hair loss started, around 23/24 when I had HIS done and I've gradually relaxed a little and had some ups and downs since turning 27 and realised there is more to worry about then my hair not looking perfect. This is not a criticism at all. I remember how horrible it was losing my hair, it took over my life and I was miserable for 2 years. I am so grateful for the work done by HIS, everyone has been great. I saw Ian Watson himself twice before getting it done and was not pushed or rushed at all. The only that bothers me is I'm always super paranoid about going out in the sun, even though I apply sun tan lotion when my head starts boiling I get super paranoid and find it hard to relax. So I have been thinking in probably in 2/3 years I will get it removed. I may not do this! I have been off work for a few days, maybe I am overthinking this lol. I don't fancy posting a picture as to be honest, I can't be bothered to blur my face out and I don't want any comments saying it looks faded or anything, In my eyes it is very minor and only an eagle eyed HIS guy would notice it. Damien.... Would I be covered over the HIS guarantee as I had it done 3/4 years ago? if not how much would it be to get it removed? I know there was a guy who had it removed years ago, nedworthy? i think that was it, have any others had it removed? if so any photos? p.s I have 2 accounts with HIS as I got locked out my email once so I made another one, I think my other name was just "will" All the best.
  7. Opps!

    Hey Damien, I had my 4th session a few days ago for a minor touch up for some areas that did not take to well to the original 3 sessions. Like I say very minor! I have been a douche and wet shaved my hair after 4 days! After my first 3 treatments I thought it was 4 days you could start shaving your head again, I also showered after the 4th day, and moisturized! My head barely reacted at all after the 4th session, no redness or scabbing? Should I be worried? I just had a look back at the site out of interest and looked at the aftercare and realized how wrong I was!!! Should I be worried? Cheers.