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  1. Fading & Hairline - Advice Needed

    it does look fine , how we look to ourselves is different in every mirror and every diff light , just like someone with a full shaved head of hair - photos as well can not show it how it looks to the eye its more 2d than 3d - I prefered to look at the you tube vids not photos for a better idea
  2. 12 months since the last video diary?

    I myself dont visit the site as in depth as I used to due to my Mum being ill but agree with much of what you say and I think that is born out by the lack of numbers contributing these days . Personaly I believe HIS lost there way when they started to offer other hair loss solutions , I believe 100% in the product Ian and Ranbir developed its a massive pity they didnt stick to that , so many HIS clients have been both Mentaly and Physicaly scared for life by the butchers in the transplant industry and so for HIS to then join forces with these guys is for me and big disapointment . Ian himself had a transplant which must clearly have failed which most do -HIS offer a far supierier solution and should stick with that . I still visit the site as I believe in giving back and also giving hope to folks who are in the position I once was , close to taking my own life due to hairloss - I just wish Ian and Ranbir would be re-energised and focused. Hopefully one day soon modern medical science will find a simple solution and we can all grow our hair back easy-peasy but for now HIS is the best option
  3. Is HIS clinic in NYC closed?

    personaly I dont understand the need to be in NYC - yes its a massive population but surly getting an office in a high rent area is just "ego" a bit like bragging really , why not choose a nice town outside NYC and let folks travel there - if you suffered for years with hairloss you are not going to be stopped by a short journey .
  4. tried to watch the video but the guy was so annoying with his chat I gave up - is this the type of shit our youth watch these days ?
  5. Dry scalp

    My scalp is ultra dry and was extreamly flaky all my life , so much so even as a baby I couldnt be adopted until it was under control , as an adult id spend hours pulling chunks off my head so thought this would destroy my SMP . 2 weeks before session 1 I started moistourising for the 1st time in my life and it cleared it up fantastic - a couple of years ago I went for a SMP top up and my head was aweful as id neglected the moisourising side of things - NEARLY ruined session - wont be making same mistake again - E45 spray for me now .
  6. Toronto Clinic SMP scar

    in fairness those shots make u look like u got a Bloody good head of hair , worrys me folks still do that type of transplant , I only had fue and that was 15 years ago
  7. Cold feet

    Im never called out and in my job which is confrontational I would be if folks could tell , of course it depends on what you look like now and for how long you have looked like that - although I was bald for 30 yrs I shaved it to the bone every day so its not to much of a change of style - If your style is an ageing hippie with a comb-over then it is a massive change . I had 2 weeks of work for my 1st and 2nd session so went back to work day 15 so also had time to adjust to it myself as you are looking at a stranger in the mirror in a morning . Good luck
  8. Advice neeed from users & professionals.

    I think you need to invest in a trip to the Uk . Your name suggests you may have also suffered with depression like many of us on here . You can relax now as this is a great solution especially if like me you are not really bothered in having actual growing hair - you just want the Military look where it is shaved as choice . My scalp was aweful since birth with extreamly dry flaky skin which I thought would stop this working for me but 2 weeks before session 1 I started moisourising my scalp for 1st time in my life and it cleared up , getting any scalp problems cleared up 1st is especialy important is someone has been useing wigs for years . What I learnt after going for a touch up after a couple of years is you need to keep on moisourising or proplems will return . SMP @ HIS actualy saved my life as I was suicidal yet again - its a great investment and its given me a life after hiding away for 30 years although some mental scars will always be with me . No one ever comments negativly on my head and I dont get coments about it apart from folks who seem to think im early 30's when im 54 . It really is an investment worth making , @ 54 im up against younger folks if I go for a new job etc , even had a guy interview me and double check my age on my passport . After 3 failed transplants I thought that was it , when I came accross this website my life changed forever ( if actualy asked the transplant clinic ( in Greece ) 15 yrs ago if they could just pigment my scalp and they laughed although they now do a version of smp) . Some of the website pictures I didnt like and they put me off a bit but then I met a couple of clients through this website in a coffee bar 50yds from my house and when I saw it in the flesh I was buzzing after 30 yrs of depression . One of the clients I met lived about 2 miles from me and he now works doing proseadures at HIS in Manchester ( Danny if ur reading this thanks again for giving me a life ) Good luck mate and relax its the real deal .
  9. "Awkward" stage between first and final treatment?

    I took 2 weeks off work Day 1 - 1st session day 7 - 2nd session then back to work day 14 - its a big transformation but it works , no one outed me and I work in Retail Security so have confrontation on a regular basis , its not just what other may say I think that you need time to get used to looking in the mirror and seeing a stranger ( a handsome one at that ) . For me after 30 years without hair it was a mental issue as well . Good luck its the best investment you will ever make.
  10. SMP for Woman

    ps, There are females on this site who have had the procedure so its not unheard of .
  11. SMP for Woman

    Hi , - Unfortuantly it would only add some colour to your scalp and not match 3inch hair . As a bloke you have to shave every day to the bone , SMP is not hair - its an optical illusion which gives the appearance of a shaved to the bone head if any remaining hair is kept buzzed . - its really a 3 and done procedure with touch ups every 3/4 years dependent on your scalp - try looking on you tube as some great examples for lots of types of hairloss
  12. Cold called by a rival company

    Im just pointing out a clear problem that the major trainer/employer in this field will have , not saying HIS will be stuck with crap ( and I still use HIS myself even though im aware of other options ) but it is clearly an issue for HIS is going to be retention of staff (as with my Hairdresser friend ) For me HIS saved my life Full Stop - if I wanted to fault them I would say getting into the Hair Transplant market was a huge mistake , Ian and Ranbir found and refind a far superior solution to Baldness than transplants and should stick to that product ..
  13. Cold called by a rival company

    I get messages from this company every day and he clearly exagerates number of heads he has worked on , this is an ongoing problem which will only get worse as it is so cheap to set up doing SMP and I also get links sent me by folks offering to train people to do SMP ( again x his ) As my Hairdresser Gym buddy says - in hairdressing you employ folks and train them up , if they are any good they then leave and set up in competition with you taking as many clients they can , if they are crap and no ambition they stay with you .
  14. Danny at Manchester is a great Guy and has also gone through same problems as you and will not try to push you into making a decision which is not right for you. As others have said you are in shock at the moment drastickly losing hair @ 20 then buzzing it and looking at a stranger in the mirror , are you sure the sudden loss is MPB or could it be down to stress - have you gone through any trauma prior to losing hair ? You no need to worry you are clearly a good looking lad and SMP would look great on you - when you see Dannys head you will see what this looks like in the flesh as he was a client 1st . Good luck
  15. Full treatment with sensitive skin

    My head is also ultra sensitive with bad sun damage and 3 failed hair transplants , also very dry flaky skin that has been bad since birth - it was only in the leadup to session 1 that I ever moisourised my head at all but cleared up the flakyness . I did for a while after id finished my SMP sessions get sloppy with the moisurising and my head went to s£it so I keep on top of it now and sort every night . My head is so tender I cannot even do 2 mins in the sun . At least you made the right choice with SMP if not your Football Team