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    Doesn't last

    I have had mine from 2014. It hasn’t faded at all apart from original fading. Its half way into 2018 I may go to his just to have a check up but it’s more brecause of routine
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    Hi, you are in my opinion the perfect candidate for it. You have a hair and a hairline that enables you to hide the treatment very well once done as you still would have a shadow on head and with the smp it won’t be as drastic a change. But a big enough change for it to have an awesome effect you could get away with a tiny bit of Growth good luck
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    Looks fantastic. Great job, you had the perfect hair line for it. I wish I could of went back 20 years and told my younger self about HIS and smp. The amount of worry I put myself through over hair loss. This isn’t a cure but when done properly it’s pretty near perfection.
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    Doesn't last

    How??? I dread to think. But surely the question is why? @Trendy... get back in the swimming pool. The chlorine is only an issue during the healing phase. Your pigment is now settled and beyond reach. The exercise will do you good and you must miss it.
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    Toronto clinic

    I am almost done with my procedure and it looks very natural at this point but just needs some minor tweaking and a slightly darker shade to bring it to the proper His quality finished result. His has worked with me every step of the way to make sure that I am happy with my results and communication has been great on their end. I know this is a procedure and everyone takes the pigment differently than others. The pain and process of this procedure is totally worth the end result and peace of mind it brings to people that suffer from hair loss.
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    Hello all! I just wanted to share a funny story. My background is 3500 grafts FUE and now two sessions of SMP, the last one 10 days ago. I was at a party and was chatting with a group of people, one of which a hair dresser, and the subject of hair came up, surprise surprise. I actually told them my head was tatooed, but they wouldn’t believe me. I tried to convince them, they looked up close and felt my head but they wouldn’t believe that it wasnt just a shaved head. I’m not saying it’s undetectable, I can see my own scars and dots, but for people not familiar with it, it looks pretty damn natural 😅
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    A followup: Ive now done two sessions, and although I didnt ask for it it looks like my crown is naturally thinning because I actually am thinning there. I am however going for a third session to cover the crown since it turns out SHVD was right, it does look real enough for me to be comfortable convincing people questioning it that it is real. Actually I would have no problem saying its a ”tattoo” either, since it looks good. Its no different from any other tattoo, of course we want to look better if we have the option to.
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    Thanks man.. TBH, I still have the apprehension because it's still session 1. I'm still wearing my hat when I go out. My roommate had a chat with me about the energy bills and didn't suspect a thing or even looked to my new hairline. Probably because there was no drastic change? Perhaps the 2nd session will impact my confidence more when I see a darker shade on my head and know that my horseshoe is totally disappeared. Stay tuned.
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    SMP suitability

    Hi Guys, I'm thinking about getting an SMP done, particularity one which I can still have a buzz cut. The length that I want can been seem in the pictures posted. I was just wondering if what you guys think in terms of me being suitable for the procedure.
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    I do remember somebody used to sprinkle hair from his shaver on his head, with moisturiser/sunscreen helping to make it stick. If they got dislodged or noticed he would say his shaver must have been full, helped confirm he was shaving his head.
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    Sorry, I had some links in my original post that are not allowed. So just to rephrase my question: Has anyone here had smp to give the appearance of increased density to hair when you have it long? How did it look and would you recommend it to someone who has had a FUE hair transplant with a fairly low density?
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    Small pimples/ blisters?

    Thank you, yes they were gone 2 days later. I believe it was from wearing my hat at work all day. All weekend Ive gone without a hat and its been fine with no problems or issues.
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    I find that the layering of different pigment shades with multiple sessions is what gives the smp more realism and gives it a much more natural look. It took me multiple sessions to finally get the grey shade look which is what your real hair looks like when it is shaved to the skin. I am one session away from having a finished procedure that looks very natural in my opinion.
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    It's a well worn path... from concealers to SMP. Same goes for men who wear hair systems and are desperate to stop. SMP gives them a story that makes sense of the previous full head of hair and replaces it with another one. Concealers and hair systems both come with a large slice of daily stress (for most). SMP is, for these people, a truly liberating experience.
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    The only way to fool people like us would be to leave a balding spot or have a hairline nobody would choose. But since we are less than about 0.1% of the population....
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    that looks amazing after 1 session.....trust the process man!
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    Does Fraxel damage hair?

    Fraxel is awesome. I've had a bunch of treatments all post SMP. It really has improved the overall appearance of the scar and the SMP is still looking good. It doesn't damage the hair.
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    Hi All, Its been 3 months since 3rd session. What do you all think? I’m thinking of going back to get a more feathered look, especially on my left side. Also, just wondering if it looks too much like a helmet? I do like the job but thinking maybe a few changes could make it look more natural. I would appreciate ya’lls input. Thank you :-)
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    Any Recommendations

    You are not doing the smp-frown which makes the hairline seem even higher, but it is too high to look natural with such density. However it's an easy fix to drop it down subtly with density fading to a broken lighter hairline. The sheer greyness of the head is exaggerated by the colourful beard also unfortunately.
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    Just joined this forun, booking my first session in 2 weeks time (scary times) I think concelar on smp isnt a good idea although i have read people had added talc powder to smp and supposedly it adds to the realism. Havent seen pics though. Try it out pal, and post pics if you can
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    Feathered hairline

    I'm considering having SMP done at the London clinic. I particularly want a feathered hairline for a very natural look. I was wondering if anyone could post any photos where they've had a feathered hairline done. Thanks
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    the bald ego


    Per my own experience, you (the OP) seem right where you should be at this stage. My third session was a ‘power’ marathon to add lots of density, and make subtle refinements. Nearly a year after that, I did go back for a touch-up, and went one shade darker at that time. Approaching the end of my second year now, and it’s perfect. This is as much artistry as science. Yours looks good so far. We’ve all been impatient, but the best result comes from being slow and cautious.
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    Ryan - Jan 6th?? That is a long time to be nervous for.
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    Turning 64 next month. Almost two years after SMP... best thing ever...
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    Hairy Again

    That looks good and if having it a little darker means you can get forty-eight hours between shaves, then perfect. Also by grabbing that extra bit of hairline, that's a single layer, which for me adds to the realism of the feathered hairline.
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    Hairy Again

    Thanks - (hopefully not a full 10 years younger, then I'd be 14 haha, but I know what you mean!) Shaved for the first time today; I was a bit nervous again going into work and being called out because it seems like SUCH a huge difference to me, but not a peep. Just goes to show how much people are paying attention. I do think I've crossed the chasm, though, into new people I meet now categorizing me as "shaved head" vs. bald. Curious if the average age people guess I am has dramatically gone down... I usually get low thirties, so I'll have to ask some new folks and see what they think. Really impossible to tell from these photos, but the top is still a bit darker from the sides directly after shaving. I know people have talked about "blending down" the sides so it still looks spot on right after shaving, so that'll hopefully be a part of my session 3. Now I'm 16 hours out from shaving, though, and the blend is almost perfect. First two are taken in natural light indoors, second two are in harsh bathroom mirror light. After session 1 my new hair didn't show up at all in that same harsh bathroom light, so there's definitely been an improvement made.
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    Hairy Again

    It's me again, ya boi Soctopus. Second session completed yesterday; really pleased with results. Houston practitioner and I did about 9am-2pm with a few 15 min breaks; I had faded a lot since the last session so he was putting on a lot of density. Got to give him a ton of credit for his talent and attention to detail. We brought the hairline down about a 1/4 of an inch, and are really going for that broken/subtle hairline look. I had a small scar from a basketball elbow years back right at the new hairline, so we left that in. Still fairly red, but it's definitely settling down compared to even this morning. Can't wait to shave... we've got an in-progress pic, hairline guides, and one right after. Took a pic in the airport bathroom that day when lighting helped with the redness, and last one I took just now.
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    Hairy Again

    Itching to have session 2, but I guess what's another week and a half when you've got your whole life ahead. Seems to be fading a tad more. It's strange - some lights it really shows, others it's hardly visible. I'm hoping it'll be more visible in harsh light after final sessions. These pics are both in the same room under same light; just changed where I was standing a bit and you can see the difference. Two days growth again on the sides:
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    Hairy Again

    Good point! Session two is on Jan 12. Redness seems to be coming down a bit, and as of now I'm about 48 hours from my foil shave and things are still blending well, length-wise. I'm hoping I can be an every-other-day shave guy and not have to do every morning.
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    Thanks 2hanger Yeah didn't want my hairline to sharp just natural looking. My scar area is still taking time to settle down. Will upload more photo's next week which will be exactly one month after my 3rd session.
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    These photie's i took on the 14th November exactly one week after my 3rd treatment. The outdoor photo's of my back of head transplant scar look really promising! i can hardly see as much of the scar as previously! But you have to be careful as different light shades show different views! My transplant scar is still dark as of today (16-11-17) so it will be a while yet before i can really see how it looks? it takes a lot longer to settle! But up till now really pleased with it. But as i said i will be waiting to see how everything settles in the coming weeks? My next photo updates will be after exactly 28 days from my 3rd session:)
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    Sorry for the delay with my updates. Anyway i had my 3rd session on the 7th November this month. I had a good talk with my practitioner about all my concerns and what was mentioned in my posts previously. Got to say he was brilliant and i felt so much better after talking to him. As for how my session went well you can see from the photographs i have uploaded. I took these as soon as i got home so it's not natural light obviously! I am just going to wait and see how things go from here as regards fading etc? I will upload more photos shortly.
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    2Hanger i will take some more photo's later and post them here later today.
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    Lad, thanks for you post of pics. Your before shots are certainly Norwood 98832372839. Geez Louise, I don't think anyone could blame you for getting smp. My goodness gracious that desert on your head my friend has not seen water since 1812 b.c. Smp certainly ressurrected your shiney ass dome head back to life. Holy moly what a before and after. You my friend were blessed and lucky Ian Watson and his partner came up with smp bc dude without it there would be a drought on your head for the next million years. Ouch!!! Your after shots compared to your before should be on Maury poovich look at me now. Nice after shots for sure.
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    Do you think if you did the whole head it would work? I'm thinking from those pictures it would. Did you ever consider it?
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    cheers HD, been to the gym and a busy shopping centre today with it like this, no funny looks, lol, but im going out for a few beers tomorrow night, so ile shave it tonight and leave it till i either get back in tomorrow night or shave it sat morning, i just feel its slightly better with 24 hours growth,
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    lol Looks incredible man. I think if I get this done I will show them yours and tell them to give me the same treatment. It looks great freshly shaved. Looks like a fade. I think it's almost impossible to tell you have had a smp.
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    Hey HD gonna try and put some new pics on here today. The difference being ile shave now with rotary shaver. This is not the preferred way for me and in another post by Patrick he was asking questions about shaved on day a posed to the night before. I much prefer night before. But pointless putting pics up done exactly the same way as my other pics on this post. So hopefully you guys can draw something from the comparison. Again no anti shine or anything . Just shave and take pics. Remember my hair is light and very fine. Totally bald on top so you will not see a nights growth on sides as in other pics. These are just for comparison and not way I like to do it. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for your opinion would really like to see some high quality pics of your treatment so I can see what kind of hairline I should be aiming for if I get a touch up. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Just looking at your pictures again Dasher. One of the best SMP's I've seen. You should post some more pictures if you ever have time. Cheers.
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    Yeah hd I totally understand what your saying. Although i will say one thing. It feels to me, the longer I have had the treatment ,the less I care about people picking it up. Or even looking. And people will look at a 40 something guy with a razor close haircut. I think it's just something you just settle into. After all women have weaves.wear wigs . Have hair extensions. Etc etc. I work with people every day, and they know I've had it done. No one even really looks at the treatment anymore. It's just there . I hope you do get it done and that you get the results you want. I think you will. When I got it first done I was a little paranoid and over thought things regarding if people can tell I've had it done. Now I really don't give a F*** . I just enjoy not (to me anyway) , feeling or looking bald. Good luck hd . Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    No problem HD. Have really appreciated yours and others feedback and comments . And glad I was able to help . Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Hd. Here's the close up pics.hope these help .you can see my scar on the last one . And one the one from above, your right. There is a bit of a red patch .just an old man's skin I reckon HD. No irritation there I can feel. Maybe from dry shaving with a foil shaver. Anyway hope this helps you decide . My advise is trust HIS . I left the hair line. The shade and density all to them. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Thanks again for all the helpful replies. Really cool to be able to ask all these questions and get responsive answers. As far as the inches away question it's just something I wonder *IF* you allowed someone to just stare that close would they pick up on it? So say you look in the mirror inches away for an extended time is there subtle things that standout to you? Again if there were I wouldn't hold it against his hair and the procedure. You can't expect perfection (although yours looks pretty close) it's more just wondering what (if any) things are noticeable that close. If you include more pics that's awesome. Thanks again for responding to all my questions. It's appreciated. It's amazing what this company is able to accomplish.
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    Ok. Just trying to think of the best way to answer your question HD. I've asked people who new I had it done to take a close look in the past. They said it looks like a shaved head of hair. In the gym you are in very close proximity to people all the time. I've been training , knowing someone is right behind me and got a bit paranoid that when I turned round they would be giving me a funny look. That didn't happen. I'm at home now. Got some time of . Ile put my camera on macro now HD and see if I can take some even closer pics for you. I'm interested to see myself now you have brought this up. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    Thanks guys. Ok HD. I've now told my mates I've had it done . But I had changed jobs when having it done. Then I moved back to my old job after having smp. One of my best mates on a night out said. "Why do you shave your head if you have hair" I think if did it again I wouldn't say anything to anyone . It's that thing , because they know what it is , . (They know what it is ).if you get what I mean ? I use a busy gym most days. Nobody gives it a second look these days. Maybe a little when it's first done. But now nobody seems to notice. When it is first done I feel it's more noticeable. The treatment really does settle over a few weeks / months. I agree HD I've looked at one of your posts and we have similar hair. Or lack of. Ide say you have denser hair on sides than me which would be even better for you. I don't normally wet shave. Because my hair is very fine and light on sides .it's really hard to see any follicles at all if I wet shave. I use a rotary Phillips shaver after showering before bed. Or if I forget or I have been out and didn't shave the night before the remmington r95 in the morning. You can't really see the hair on the sides because its so light and fine on me. The guys at HIS have blended the top into my hair at the sides. I haven't had the smp done all the way down. Just the top and slightly down the sides . Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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    The bottom right pic is the only one that looks a little "off" to me. Nothing big it just doesn't seem to match perfectly.
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    I'm the first to be very critical and skeptical. I'm also the first to give huge props when I see something like this. This looks incredible and is another smp that is pushing me closer to getting this done. Exactly the look I'm after. Looks really natural. What shades were used? Could you post some pics of the horseshoe area? Also I notice some redness in some pictures what is the cause of that? Congratulations on a brilliant smp.