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    Getting caught out

    This is so different from my experience. I was also totally bald. Not one person ever clicked my smp change and the f they did never said anything. Even now after so many sessions I wonder can people notice it when they say stuff like "I will be like u soon "
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    Getting caught out

    Thanks SHVD. Am going to look into all possible solutions before I act. I understand what you mean by giving it time but it has now been almost 6 weeks and although larger patches such as my dome have slightly faded...though not much...more patchy than faded, the lines of my hairline are so distinct. My photos are really poor quality so don't show that. The lines have not faded and nor has the front part of my scalp. I was absolutely bald, fair and smooth on top so the appearance of a strong hairline along with dark shaved hair is too great a transformation to be believeable. I will keep the forum updated and thanks for all the responses.
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    Getting caught out

    My suggestion is to bite the bullet and hold off from lasering your head for now. I would say that after ten weeks you will notice the settling in period to have occurred and will in my opinion be accustomed and adjusted to actually no longer being bare up there. The first treatment is a light template and does not have the 'impact' that the density from the second gives. I am more than confident that after a couple of months it will 'settle' and not appear to be so vibrant. Ironically this vibrant first couple of months is what I term the honeymoon period in that it is super zingy and visible. Believe me, do not laser your nut for at least three months. I think you will be okay, you do not have an unrealistic hairline, it will calm and also you will adjust. Your acquaintances now know you as the guy with hair... HURRAH!
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    Have you thought about lowerering your hairline a cm or so. you can have your hairline feathered down so to speak. I know that is an option just a thought.
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    Getting caught out

    Thanks for the replies. 2hangar, I will do outside photos this coming weekend. Bobobaldy, yeah, I am in 2 minds about a 3rd session.....as I said earlier, posters all say that the 3rd is when the magic happens. But, my main problem is the lack of fading all over the top and front. The vast majority of photos on the forum of smp look superb on guys. Those who were nw7 look far better with their new look so smp works and is a brilliant solution to baldness. However mine is just too dark on top and a bit too defined at the hairline making it too great a change in my appearance. Everyone who knew me before has noticed that change. Comments from them come on a daily basis and now three seperate people who have no connection with each other have said about how my hair looks blue....in different lighting!!! I love having that 'stubble' up there but want/need it to be far lighter and less defined at the front. I don't understand how more smp would achieve the lighter appearance even if shade 58 or 60 was used. My 2nd treatment was 52, so the slightly lowered hairline should appear slightly lighter than the top as the lowered hairline has only been hit once with the needle. But it doesn't. This week has meant teaching in a classroom with people I've never met before plus 2 I've met just in passing and there hasn't been a single double look or eyes up to my head as we speak. So it's not that my smp doesn't look real........except possibly occasionally blue......it is that the change from my being totally fair and bald to having thick dark stubble is too great to really be believeable. Work has been manic this week so again I've been a bit slow on my personal stuff. I have booked a consultation with a local laser company for tomorrow. I intend trying to ring HisHair lunchtime today for advice, work time permitting and will update on both over the weekend.
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    Toronto His Clinic

    I believe that there is only one practitioner currently working in the Toronto His clinic at this time. I am really hoping that my third session heals well and does not fade like my first two sessions have. I must have looked in my mirror about a million times after noticing how much I faded after the second procedure. I agree that practitioners posting pictures of a procedure directly after the session has been completed is never what a session looks like once it has healed and I would always prefer to see healed pictures.